Man Falls To Death At Crabtree Falls : Updated 7:50 AM on 11.23.10

The general area where rescue crews are on the scene Monday afternoon at Crabtree Falls.

Crabtree Falls
Near Montebello
Nelson County, Virginia

Updated 7:50 AM EST
Nelson County Sheriff, David Brooks tells NCL the person that died from the fall at Crabtree Falls on Monday was Elias Lehman from Dayton, Virginia.

Previous Update @ 8:00 PM 11.22.10
Sheriff Brooks says the 21 year old male that died was from Dayton, Virginia. The family notification is being made before releasing name to the public. Nelson Emergency Services Coordinator, Ray Uttaroalso tells us the man fell approximately 300 feet. “He was taking some photos and a witness said he slipped and fell. When crews arrived we had a non-responsive patient with major head trauma. We packed the victim and started to transport down the mountain. About 10 min into the transport he stopped breathing and CPR was started. After about 30 min of CPR it was called by medical personnel. His 4 friends and members of the Rescue and Sheriffs Office then transported him to the lower parking lot,” Uttaro tells NCL late Monday evening.

Updated 4:55 PM
Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks, tells NCL the person that fell from the falls and died was a 21 year old male from the state of Virginia.
“He appears to have crossed over a barrier, accidentally slipped and fell. He died at the scene,” Sheriff Brooks tells NCL late Monday afternoon.

The identity of the man has not been released as of 5PM EST.

Original Post
Rescue crews consisting of Montebello and Wintergreen are on the scene this afternoon in what now appears to be the recovery of a person who has died at Crabtree Falls. Apparently from a fall.

Details are few at this hour, but both law and rescue sources have confirmed to NCL that a fall took place earlier Monday, a rescue was taking place CPR was started, the person died before rescue crews could get the person out. Nelson County Sheriff, David Brooks and Winetrgreen Rescue Chief, Curtis Sheets, say they both have personnel on the scene at this time.

This is the second death at the falls within the past 6 months.

More details have we have them.


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