Board Of Supervisors : Minutes – 10.28.10


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Present: Mr. Joe Dan Johnson, Mr. Tommy Bruguiere, Mr. Allen Hale and Mr. Tommy Harvey
Absent: Ms. Connie Brennan

EASEMENT AGREEMENT/DEVIL’S KNOB COMMUNICATION TOWER: Supervisors voted unanimously to accept the agreement and authorize staff to execute the agreement. The easement will allow the county to construct a new communication tower on the same site as the new WPOA tower.

GENERATOR REPLACEMENT/MONTEBELLO: Mr. Carter reported that the Nelson County Emergency Services Council has requested that the Montebello Fire & Rescue emergency generator be replaced due to mechanical problem. After discussion, Supervisors voted 4-0 to authorize staff to approve up to a 20KW generator and spending of up to $9,500 to replace the unit as soon as possible. Mr. Harvey noted that the old unit belongs to the county and must be returned to the county.

RESOLUTION OF SUPPORT/CPA FIRM: Mr. Carter noted that Ms. Julia Rogers is working to establish a professional accounting practice in Nellysford at 2471 Rockfish Valley Highway, a location that has been used for commercial endeavors for the past five years. He reported that VDOT regulations regarding separation of commercial entrances and sight distance are creating problems for Ms. Rogers. Mr. Carter said that VDOT staff recommended a resolution of support and that they are working on the issues. Supervisors voted 4-0 to adopt the resolution of support.

Mr. Harvey reported that the Wolf brewery business on Rt. 151 in Nellysford has received approval to use the existing entrance on the property rather than moving it much farther north as VDOT had originally mandated. He said that he is hopeful that new VDOT regulations will be coming to allow a new business to utilize an existing entrance if the business does not create any more traffic than the previous business.

Meeting adjourned.

Note: The November meeting will be on Tuesday, November 16th at 2:00/7:00pm to allow the Supervisors to attend the Virginia Association of Counties meeting.

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