Board of Supervisors : Minutes : 8.26.10



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Present: Ms. Connie Brennan, Mr. Joe Dan Johnson, Mr. Tommy Bruguiere, Mr. Allen Hale and Mr. Tommy Harvey

TRES/RRES ROOF/WINDOW REPLACEMENT PROJECT: Dr. Roger Collins, School Superintendent, and Mr. Charles Wray, Architect, presented information on the uncovered damage related to the ongoing projects. The roofing contractor has still not submitted shop drawings and the architect is working with that contractor to try to get that moving forward. Removing windows at Tye River Elementary (TRES) has revealed no weather barrier with damaged sheathing at the base of the walls. Test results from the samples taken at the base of the walls still pending. At Rockfish River Elementary School (RRES) there are bigger issues with the first-floor window flashing and trim missing and the second floor sills improperly installed. The proposal is to have the contractor do two windows as a prototype to determine repairs needed, time taken and costs. Projected costs for 67-70 windows at $2,000/window for a cost of $150,000 just for RRES. The statute of limitations for complaint has expired for the contractor and engineer on the original project. Further discussion tabled pending completion of the two-window prototype project.

WORK SESSION/DOGS RUNNING AT LARGE: Mr. Bruguiere said that there have been many calls on both sides. He said that the Sheriff’s Office needs to get actively involved with Animal Control not on duty 24 hours a day. Mr. Johnson said that there are no tools to deal with the problems. Mr. Hale said that we have to look carefully at this issue before putting another ordinance in place that requires more manpower and creates an untold number of calls. There are dogs that run all over this county loose and cause no problem. If the dog is a problem, the person should call Animal Control and there are standards to deal with those dogs. Mr. Johnson said that when the first death comes, you will remind yourself of this conversation. Mr. Hale noted that there is not a single dog identified in this county as a dangerous dog. Mr. Ray Uttero spoke on behalf of the Animal Control officers, noting that the system is working given the part-time hours of the department. Mr. Hale said we cannot solve all the problems in the world and this solution will not solve the problems. Would cost the taxpayer a not-insignificant amount of money and would not solve the problems. Ms. Brennan said that the county has a duty to guard the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and something needs to be done. Further discussion tabled.

Meeting continued.


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  1. I about fell out of my chair when I saw a proposed per window cost of $2000 per window for the TRES/RRES ROOF/WINDOW REPLACEMENT PROJECT ! In the absolute worst case scenario, $500 will get you a extremely high quality window along with the labor to install it and fix whatever damage exists. This is why our country is broke. Please don’t make the decision to spend that kind of money without at least considering what a reasonable cost would be. Absolutely AMNAZING that it is even being considered as a reasonable cost.


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