Stone Soup’s Kid’s Avenue Event


A Kid’s Avenue, downtown Waynesboro 3rd Friday’s event! Stone Soup presents…
A reading by Dougie Morris, author of “Wilhelmina Under the Stairs” at Short and Sweet Bakery .
Come here Wilhelmina’s story – Wilhelmina has lived her whole life in peaceful safety on the banks of the Maury River. She’s one of the Maury River rats, a stable, close-knit pack. But Wilhelmina is bored with safety, tired of being protected. She longs to break free and strike out on her own. When a flood sweeps her away from her family, she’s washed downstream and into the adventure of a lifetime! Enjoy some sweet RAT cookies from Short & Sweet Bakery! Books available at Stone Soup ( or on-site.

Event Date: Friday 19th of March 2010 05:45 PM

Location/Address: 133 North Wayne Avenue

Contact Telephone Please call 540-943-0084 for more information


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