Power Outage Up At Wintergreen Tonight : 2.2.10 : Restored by Midnight


Nelson County, Virginia

Updated 8:30 PM:
Verbatim from CVEC:

CVEC offers the following updates on power restoration efforts from the weekend winter storm as well as an update from outages that occurred today.

CVEC is completing power restoration for small neighborhood outages and individual outages in a number of substation areas. The heaviest concentration of these remaining outages are in Fluvanna and Louisa counties. The Co-op advises members to remain as patient as possible. You may see your neighbors lights return and find that your are still without power. If that occurs, you should call CVEC to confirm that you are still on our outage list, but understand that dedicated crews are working to restore service to individual homes and businesses that need specific attention, along with crews that are restoring service at the neighborhood level.

New outages arrived on the system today with heavy winds that knocked down trees in western Albemarle and Nelson counties. A 46 kV transmission line was knocked out of service when a tree fell along the steep terrain and broke a transmission line pole feeding power to two substations at Wintergreen Resort. Crews are in the process of repairing the pole. More than 2000 meters are without service on the mountain. Given the specific nature of the damage, CVEC was able to estimate a repair time of 2 AM on February 11.

Problems have arisen at the Schuyler substation that serves more than 500 CVEC members. CVEC is working with the transmission company to investigate low voltage conditions. Look for additional information as it becomes available.

The Whitehall substation and Red Hill substation also had additional power outages of almost 200 members each.

Update: 7:55 PM
CVEC: “CVEC personnel have located a broken pole on the transmission line right-of-way. The repair crews have a temporary pole on site and plan to replace the broken pole. Power restoration time is estimated at 6 hours.”

Original Post
Within the past couple of hours many people up top at Wintergreen including the resort itself, lost electrical power. The cause is most likely related to the extremely high winds blowing here in Nelson. A minimum 45 MPH wind gust has already been recorded at our NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation station @ 3500 feet on Devils Knob.

“CVEC has two substations without power on Wintergreen Mountain, affecting about 2061 services. The problem appears to be along a 46 kV transmission line that feeds power through the Martins Store substation, directly to the Mountain Resort. The Co-op has people at the switching controls in the Martins Store substation and in the transmission line right-of-way,” Greg Kelly, Member Services & Business Development Director for CVEC tells NCL tonight.

The problem appears to be a major broken pole in the Rodes Farm area of Stoney Creek in the valley.

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