No Updates Due To nTelos 3G Wireless Problems : UPDATE : 9.4.09 : 6:00 PM EDT

Due to technical difficulties beyond our control this is about all we can show you right now.
Due to technical difficulties beyond our control this is about all we can show you right now.

Nelson County, Virginia
Updated 9.4.09 6:00PM EDT
After 3 days and lots of troubleshooting we are back! Thanks to the dedicated techs over at nTelos Wireless in Waynesboro. They stayed with it until a solution was found. They kept looking and even spent much of the day here at NCL trying to see what was happening. They got it!

Thanks guys and have a very deserved and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Updated 9.4.09 10:30 AM EDT
We are working with data managers at nTelos at the highest levels to figure out where the gremlins are, looks like some priogress is being made. No solutions just yet, but some progress. This appears to be some users that are using a air card behind or in conjunction with a 3G router.

We’ll keep you updated!

Post from 9.2.09
Starting Wednesday in the wee early morning hours we began experiencing internet problems here at NCL. After 12+hours of troubleshooting, tech support, a purchase of more than $200.00 in new equipment, service is still spotty Wednesday night.

It seems there is a strange issue taking place with the wireless 3G service via nTelos. Bottom line, nTelos techs told us in our last conversation late Wednesday that there did seem to be signal problems with their site(s) here in Nelson County, which was preventing reliable 3G aircard service. That means  no weather updates, no audio updates, nada, at least for now. We’ve talked to one other customer who told us the same thing began happening to them within in the past 24 hours.

nTelos tells us they are on it.

We hope this is resolved on Thursday. If so, this site will updated as it usual.

Until then, enjoy the color bars.


  1. Dang this modern technology stuff. Maybe Nelson County just isn’t cut out for an easy broadband/high speed internet solution. I guess we’ll have to watch the old weather stick today: if it’s wet, it’s raining: if it’s shaking, it’s windy: if it’s dry, it’s sunny. It may not be technologically impressive, or predictable, but that stick method has worked for a long time…and you never have to call tech assistance.

  2. Hmm. My air card is still working okay (at the moment) and has been last several days. I would assume I must have second generation rather than third. I guess we still have to praise nTelos for trying to catch up with Verizon, et al….

    Also, it is interesting that I have not heard anything from nTelos about upgrades — but maybe that is an advantage….

  3. That’s good news Chuck. We have been working with engineers all day and are at this moment. Think much of the mystery on our end is resolved.


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