Former Glenmore President is still missing, and so is the money: $666,446 : UPDATED 7.21.09 : 4PM

Michael Comer. ©2009
Michael Comer. ©2009

Albemarle County, Virginia
Updated: 7.21.09 4:00 PM EDT
Law enforcement sources tell in light of the recent audit mentioned below, criminal charges are possibly now in the works against Mike Comer. The matter has definitely been escalated to a criminal matter since the audit found such irregularities according to authorities.

More as we have it.

Previous Post From July 20, 2009
The Glenmore Community Association has released findings of a financial audit conducted by Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates. Let’s cut to the chase:

… the audit has revealed that a total of $666,446 is missing from our operating and reserve accounts due to apparently unauthorized activity by Mr. Comer over the last four years.

Read the whole thing here. WCAV-TV is following it as well.

Former Glenmore President Mike Comer was reported missing July 1 at Wintergreen Resort. A search was called off two days later.


  1. Granny always said that “666” was the “mark of the devil”, so she would not be surprised by this news. She always could “read the signs”.
    But say this cat avoids capture and lives to his mid-70’s …… $20,000+/- per year to live on, after you just ruined your life. And you know he’ll be caught, anyway. Granny would say that was some powerful poor planning.

  2. Powerful poor planning is about right. Looks like he was not keeping the money, but was only robbing Peter to pay Paul. “Glenmore Community Association President Trevor Joscelyne said it appears that Comer was writing and signing checks out of the community association’s accounts and making them payable to Glenmore Associates, which owns the country club and surrounding property”.
    Still, that is criminal and the FBI has been notified. Guess they will want to look at those Wintergreen gate camera video tapes.


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