Birds n’ Blooms


Local birder/ornithologist Todd Culver will spend the morning traipsing through the forests and along the stream looking for warblers and listening to birdsongs during the peak of the local breeding season. We’ll look for courtship feeding, copulation, parents feeding fledglings and other fascinating reproductive behaviors. Todd will fill you in on the captivating sex lives of some of our feathered friends. We can’t guarantee what you’ll see, but rest assured you’ll learn something new about bird behavior. In the afternoon, join well known botanist Woody Bousquet on a walk through the rugged Shamokin Gorge. From dry oak forests on the highlands to waterfall-soaked ledges deep in the cove, we’ll examine the trees, ferns, aquatic insects and other residents that make their homes on the slopes of Wintergreen’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Our focus will be to gain a better appreciation of Shamokin Gorge by assembling the pieces of this complex ecological mosaic. $65 Members/$75 Non-Members. Bring lunch and water. Please register by June 13 to reserve a spot.

Event Date: Saturday 20th of June 2009 08:00 AM

Location/Address: Trillium House

Contact Telephone Please call (434)325-7473 for more information


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