NCL Interviewed By CBS-19 Regarding Recent Tragedy Here In Nelson : 5.8.09

Screen image courtesy of CBS-19 WCAV in Charlottesville, Virginia
Screen image courtesy of CBS-19 WCAV in Charlottesville, Virginia

Nelson County, Virginia

Area media coverage continues regarding the murder of retired Rockfish River Elementary School teacher’s aide Opal Page. Noting the steady stream of comments to this site, WCAV-TV Ch. 19 (CBS – Charlottesville) interviwed Yvette Stafford about this web site’s role in providing news about the tragedy. Here’s the video.

We encourage folks to continue posting their thoughts surrounding the untimely death of Mrs. Page. Connecting community is why this web site exists.

P.S. The bouncing up and down during the interview? Yvette is sitting on her executive desk chair $10 pilates ball. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps Adam still.


  1. very unprofessional as far as the bouncing up and down during the inteview. I would think that out of courtesy the baby could have been put down and Yvette could have answered questions without any distractions. I think this would have been common courtesy of the Page family. This inteview should have been only about them and not what was going on about the baby-adam.

  2. Becky, I am sorry you felt that way and I meant no disrespect. I choose to be a work-at-home mother and bouncing around my baby boy is part of the job description. I am a mother first, and the publisher of a magazine second.

  3. Guys it is what it is. There is no accounting for peoples response. Exactly what were you supposed to do with the baby? Hang him on a sky hook!. At least we had someone who could speak intelligible English about the murder. There was no disrespect intended, and none was perceived. This is a reprehensible act that has no explanation, Opel was a good person, the perpetrator was an individual or individuals who are mentally unbalanced and disturbed. We can only hope that this person or persons are apprehended and dealt with in a appropriate manner.

  4. I agree w/ Philip… very well put. Yvette you did an excellent job on the interview.

    My prayers go out to this family. It is so upsetting to have this type of violence in our county… I ask for everyone to keep an eye out in their neighborhoods for anyone doing ANYTHING suspicious and as usual exercise extra help and respect for our senior citizens.

    Warmest Regards,


  5. Even if you were bouncing “”Baby Adam” Opal would have appreciated you looking after your baby boy!!! that is the kind of person she was…. an where she is now she would have appreciated even more so, she was all about the children!! We just hope the person (s) is brought to JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!

  6. This heinous murdur does more than shatter the peace in Nelson County – it takes away our freedom and security. Now we have to lock our doors and seek comfort from our friends – rather than enjoy our solitude and oneness with the beauty that is the place where we live.

  7. It is very unfortunate and sad that Opal got murdered in our peaceful community. I feel horrible for her family members, and loved ones.
    However, Yvette was interviewed because they were the first to break the story.
    Tommy and Yvette have done a wonderful job from the time they moved here. We only had the Nelson Co. Times, remember?
    They have spent endless hours doing what they do, to create a fun, informative newspaper for all of us to enjoy, and the website! That takes an enormous amount of time, and energy.
    All of this with their first child in tow.
    Who cares if she was bouncing Adam? That Charlottesville channel was just parasiting off the Staffords’ information. So, just let it go and concentrate more on the issue at hand.

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