Follow Nelson’s Earl Hamner On His Website : 5.5.09

A screengrab from Earl Hamner's website.
A screengrab from Earl Hamner's website.

Nelson County, Virginia
Though it’s been nearly three decades since The Waltons television series was in broadcast, millions of people still watch reruns of the beloved program based on the experiences of Nelson native, Earl Hamner. Earl grew up in the eastern section of Nelson County in Schuyler, Virginia. The small mining town served as the inspiration for stories that put Earl on the map, and eventually on television.

Recently Earl launched his own website so folks could keep up with what’s going on in his life these days. The site can be found here at Earl is 85 years old now, 86 in July, and lives on the west coast in California where he moved dozens of years ago to pursue work on television projects.

Over the years Earl has been so kind to write a few articles for us here at Nelson County Life. We stay in touch with Earl by telephone every few months. He will call us or we him to see how things are going. He often asks, “Have the leaves started coming out yet, or changing color? or ” Have you seen the Rockfish River lately, is it very full?” His heart is still here in Nelson. Earl is in good health for a man his age, and continues writing to this day.

A blog entry from a month or so ago when Earl was talking about a minor injury he was recovering from.
A blog entry from a month or so ago when Earl was talking about a minor injury he was recovering from.

One of the warmest and most personal parts of his site is his blog named “You Me And The Lamp Post” where Earl will talk about what’s been going on in a way that viewers became accustomed to when he would narrate the intro and closing on The Waltons.

If you are a Waltons’ fan or simply want to keep up with Earl, this is a great site! Check it out!


  1. Mr. Hamner, I sat on the setee in Mr. Staley’s living room while you and he and sometimes I engaged in delightful conversation while sitting on the couch. That’s where I finished hand-sewing and quilting a double-wedding ring pillow. It was in Charlottesville in 1983. I always remembered how congenial you were. I’ll always remember you well.

    anna henritze at the time, now back to my maiden name, Jacobs


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