Synchronicity members reported shot in Mumbai attacks

Alan Scherr and Master Charles Cannon at the 2006 unveiling of the Blessed Mother Apparation painting at Synchronicity Foundation. (©2006-2009 Nelson County Life Magazine)
Alan Scherr and Master Charles Cannon at the 2006 unveiling of the Blessed Mother Apparation painting at Synchronicity Foundation. (©2006-2009 Nelson County Life Magazine)

Afternoon Synchronicity Press Conference here. 11.28.08

Updated 11.28.08
Latest Updates on Nelson County, Virginia death confirmations here.

Scroll for updates. Last updated 11:26am.
(FABER – Nelson County, Virginia) As we first reported yesterday, members of Faber-based Synchronicity Foundation traveled to the city of Mumbai, India earlier this month to participate in a spiritual program. At last report, Foundation leader Master Charles Cannon has been accounted for. Other members however, according to the group’s website, appear to have been hurt in the attacks:

***We don’t have confirmation on the following as the situation is quite chaotic and evolving, but this is what has been reported to us.***

In response to the many inquiries about our program currently being held in India:
25 participants (comprising sixteen Americans, four Canadians and five Australians) were participating in a spiritual program being held at the Oberoi hotel in Mumbai. We have confirmed that two of our American and two Canadian participants received gunshot wounds. One remains in intensive care with three bullet wounds but is conscious and believed to be out of danger. Two others are recovering after surgery and the fourth has been released having been treated for a flesh wound.

Four members of the party are currently unaccounted for (all four are Americans). It is believed that two of the four were out of the hotel at the time although this is unconfirmed. Several eyewitness accounts report the other two being shot in the restaurant and they are feared dead.

While many of the other participants are still being held in their rooms by authorities at the hotel, we believe them to be in parts of the hotel that have been secured by the police/military.

We have set up a hotline to answer questions:
(from Australia: 00111-757-644-3400)

We will endeavor to keep this page updated as we confirm details.
Thank you for your support in this very uncertain time for our community.

An unconfirmed comment posted on our original post of the story reports that one Synchronicity member and his daughter were sent to a hospital with gunshot wounds:

6 of the members have been brought in hospital with gunshot wounds . Mr Alan Scherr and daughter are serious.

A LiveJournal blogger who claims to know some of the Synchronicity members in Mumbai posted the following:

Only six of nine of them have been accounted for: one of them has been hiding out in a parking garage and has been calling us using someone’s cell phone, and the other five are alright/being held hostage as far as we know, and there are three we haven’t heard any news on, one of whom is a child who’s supposed to be having the time of her life on her first trip outside of the country right now.

If you can provide any additional information on these developing events, please email us at info-at-nelsoncountylife-dot-com.

Updated 9:38am
Nashville, Tennessee-based meditation instructor Rudrani Devi survived the attacks. Coverage here.

Updated 10:06am
NCL has learned Rudrani Devi’s teacher is Master Charles, who, as far as we know, is still ok.

Update 11:06am
Looks like the ABC affiliate in Lynchburg has been reading our web site.

Updated 11:25am
MSNBC is on it via Nashville TV affiliate WSMV.


  1. Rudrani Devi from Nashville received a leg wound but is okay. Her husband is joining her. I’m told two other people at her table were killed.


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