Virgil Goode Responds To Satellite TV Local Channels In Nelson

The response fron Rep Virgil Goode after Chuck Strauss' inquiry.
The response fron Rep Virgil Goode after Chuck Strauss' inquiry.

The discussion continues after NCL first began reporting on the ridiculous practice of local television channels being blocked from viewers because of outdated and arbitrary DMA boundary lines.

Recently regular NCL web reader, Chuck Strauss of Faber, wrote U.S. Representative Virgil Goode to get his position on this practice. His response to Chuck is above. It addresses Goode’s position on the proposed H.R. 5470 which amends the Communications Act of 1934 addressing the carriage of all local television channels by satellite carriers in all local markets.

In the response, Goode hand writes; ” The bill is still in comm. (committee) & I am favorably inclined, but I want to see the comm. report.”

The battle continues, and we all continue to watch Roanoke.


  1. Virgil is a butt boy for the entrenched interests. Nothing Virgil says can be taken to the bank. He is the worst (or worser) person of the week. This man has no scruples. A vote for Virgil is a vote for more of the same. He has never had an original idea. Virgil should go the way of the Do Doo bird.

  2. It should read Doo Doo Bird. An exticnt species. Which Virgil Goode should be. Virgil does not care that you cannot get the local C’Ville Stations. If he did he would be fighting for our access to the real local channels. Do you care what is happening in Roanoke ? Would you like to find out what is happening in your local area. How about the local weather ? Does anybody care about the people in Nelson ? Maybe it’s time to give Virgil the boot. Virgil get real.

  3. The current bill does nothing about the definition of a DMA (defined market area). This bill addresses the DMA’s that do not get so called local channels in their DMA. In our case we do get local channels as defined by the local DMA. The problem is that our DMA is Lynchburg and Roanoke. Guys follow the money. Roanoke can sell advertising including Nelson County. They can tell their advertisers that they reach ALL THE WAY TO NELSON. Granted you are not going to drive 260 miles to take advantage of a sale in Roanoak, but the sales people are going to emphaize this. And if it changes they will tell the advertizers that they wouldn’t get that business anyway. Win win for the station. Lose lose for people. Follow the money and if you do you will follow Virgil Goode’s voting record. He is not going to upset the apple cart. This man is the butt boy for the Roanoak stations, this is where his base is. Virgil has no reason to expand his base beyond Roanoak and the area of Virginia with the highest unemployment in the state. Good job Virgil, let’s keep the unemployment at 12.5% in Southwest Virginia.


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