DATEBOOK : NELLYSFORD / BEECH GROVE : Community Help Needed For Heather Collins : July 12th, 2008


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Heather Collins
Heather Collins in a photo submitted by the family.

Latest Update information via Ms. Ponton on 7-9-08 – 1:40 PM:

Yesterday Southern Health reversed their decison and are allowing her to go to Shepherd’s Brain Injury Center in GA. The flight will not be covered, but the family is working on trying to get a Christain Air Transport Company to transport her to Ga. since Heather is not ambulatory. Also, not covered is the ambulance ride from the hospital to the airport and from the airport to the clinic in Georgia. This is a very stressful time worrying about how to pay for all this. Any donations big or small would be a blessing

The Nelson County Southern Cruisers Riding Club. has opened a checking account for Heather Collins at Union Bank as Healther Collins Benefit Fund. Heather was in a single car accident on the Nelson County/Albemarle County Line in June. She had numerous injuries, one which is a severe brain injury. Our club had a meeting with one of her family members and was told that she has to be transported to a brain injury facility in Georgia . At this time, they do not believe that this will be covered under her health insurance.

The Southern Cruisers has vowed to raise money, with the community’s help to cover her uninsured expenses and any gas/logging needed to have family members with her. We are calling this mission “ROAM” Riders on A Mission.

This past Saturday, we did a 200 mile ride to raise money for her. This coming weekend, (July 12th) we will be at the Sparrow’s Cafe in Nellysford for their Car and Motorcycle Show. We will have a booth set up there to have a 50/50 drawing for Heather.

For more information or to help out, call Rhonda Ponton at 540-886-5790 or 434-531-5820 or (434-263-5680 after 6:30 pm.)

Updated information from July 8th, NCL received this via e-mail from Ms. Ponton:

“It seems that her health insurance is denying her hospital stay from 07/03/08 forward.)
Went over last night around 6:30 to see Heather stayed there with her until 9:15, she seemed to be in a lot of pain, holding her head, which when you ask her what hurts the most the touches her head, she was very agitated so I stayed were here until they gave pain medication which took them 45 minutes to get back to do

Far as I know Southern Health and Anthem denied the admission to Shepherd……. They may want to send her to retreat in Richmond, so if their bed is still available then I guess that is where she will go,

Plastic surgery is de-wiring her jaw on Thursday or Friday. She is nodding her head yes and no and she does a thumbs up but it very slow and weak but she tried.”


  1. as of 7-11-08 Heather was flown to Shepherd Center for her rehab, She arrive there around 11 or so on friday.

  2. heather was release from the inpt unit of Shepherd rehab center on the 21st, she is now living in one of the apartments at shepherd and going to Outpt therapy every day for 5 hours a day she is walking on her own some and they are showing her how to use a walker,she seems less confused since she was released from the hospital could be because brian is with there also we will hear how much longer she will be there will keep everyone posted

  3. Heather ws released from the ABI at Shepherd Rehab center, she now lives in one of the aparmtent connected to the hospital, she is continuning her outpt rehab at Shepherd Pathways for the next 12 weeks, as of 11-14-08 she will be discharged and come back to va. She is walking with a walker and can walk some by herself by with someone by her side, her mind is very clear and she talks alot about returning to work, she is a miracle who had a guardian angel with her from 6-5 on. We are so grateful that she is doing so great, she told me driving is not a priority right now, she said she needs to christmas shop for her brothers and little sister, i said me to we can go together she said sounds like a plan. thanks for for everyone who has helped she and brian along the way


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