WEATHER INFO : Monday 5.12.08


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    We had hoped to have full weather complete with audio available this Monday morning. Unfortunately, due to heavy thunderstorms, not here, but in Germantown, MD where our satellite provider, Hughesnet, uplinks the signal we had no service in time to allow for the regular weathercast. Without full speed sat service we can’t upload the files needed and can only deal in short text.

    We should be able to post later today normally.

    We apologize for the trouble.



    1. Yes…I can confirm here from my home only one mile from the famed HughesNet sat farm in Germantown, we’ve had some major frog strangler rain over the past 18 hours.

      You’d think we were in London.

      Welcome home Tommy. Glad you got back home after dodging all of those twisters down in TN.


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