Crabtree Falls : Montebello Area : 27 Year Old From VCU Dies After Falling From Rocks : UPDATED 3.24.08


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    UPDATED: 3.24.08

    By Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine
    Crabtree Falls, Virginia
    Near Montebello, VA

    You can read a more in depth article published here in The Charlottesville Daily Progress on Monday 3.24.08

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    “It was a 27 year old male from VCU in Richmond who fell while hiking at Crabtree Falls, and unfortunately he didn’t survive the fall. The recovery was a pretty difficult one due to the terrain,” Nelson County Sheriff, David Brooks tells Nelson County Life Magazine.

    Crews worked much of Saturday afternoon and evening to get the 27 year old body removed from Crabtree Falls where he apparently fell about 100 feet to his death after climbing out on a big rock. After the fall, others nearby called for help, but due to the terrain and difficulty in gaining access, it was tough getting the victim out.

    Crews from Montebello, Wintergreen, and other area rescue squads assisted in Saturday evening’s incident.


    Updated: 8:00 PM EDT 3.22.08
    NCL has been in contact with Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks and as soon as he has complete information, we will put it here.

    Original Post:
    NCL has received numerous inquires over the past couple of hours regarding what law enforcement & rescue vehicles may be doing at Crabtree Falls. Witnesses say they saw numerous emergency vehicles en route there and turned off at the falls and also on up 56 closer to Montebello.

    NCL has learned that someone fell a considerable distance while hiking near the falls and crews have been working to get to the person.

    We have limited information at this time, and are limited as to what we can post, but will add additional details later tonight as we can.



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