Schuyler : Walton’s Mountain Museum Kicks Off 2008 Season


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    Photography By Tommy Stafford
    Media Day @ Walton’s Mountain Museum
    Schuyler, Virginia

    Patrick Living Room
    Patrick O’Brian, with Walton’s Mountain Museum shows off one of the popular attractions there, a replica of the original living room from the television series, The Waltons, which aired from 1972 to 1981.

    This weekend The Walton’s Mountain Museum kicked off it’s 2008 season. The last day of February, the museum held a media day for an advanced look at the museum and upcoming events for this year. Everyone was very nice and they had lots of yummy food while we hung out, took pictures, & talked!

    Above right, Leona Roberts, museum director, gets a hand preparing the new edition of the quarterly newsletter being sent out to members.

    Patrick-Big Pic
    Here Patrick looks over a large photo reprint of the cast that was recently donated by a fan.

    The museum is now officially open. For more detail and hours, visit their website by clicking here.


    1. Hello,
      Do you have any updates on the Schuyler – Walton Mountain?
      I would like to share my thoughts about Schuyler Mountain also known as The Waltons Mountain.
      The Waltons Show was and still is one of the best shows next to Little House on the Prarie.
      They both gave us and in sight to our families past and the both have great morals.
      I am from Oregon and was able to give myself a birthday present in May of 2001 by finding Schulyer Mountain and saying I have been there. If I ever get the chance to return I do want to return and visit the Blue Ridge Mountains and those on Schuyler Mouontain.
      The People living there were very nice and one residence couple took me in so I could have a place to stay. I feel bad that I lost there number and am not able to contact them.
      I hope they realize how much I appreciated there hospitalilty and that someday I still hope I may return the gesture. I do hope that Schuler Mountain stays as beautiful as I remember it and that the people there keep fighting like John Boy portrayed did in the series to save there precious land.
      The Mountain Fresh Air and Green Grass will always be better than the land being completly paved and covered with smog. Earl Hamner thank you for your writings and saving us a piece of our precious history.
      Residents of Schuyler Mountain I Thank you for being so kind to us travelers and definitley saving a piece our country ‘s history up thier on the mountain.
      God Bless All of You!

      Sincerely, Shirley Evers

      ps .Mr Stafford, thank you for letting me email you.
      God Bless you and your work too. sme


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