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Weathercast by Tommy Stafford, Nelson County Life Magazine

Updated: 10:00 AM EST 2.22.08
Radar continues to show some rain moving in our direction from the southwest, however, folks I don’t see this being a big problem. In short the forecasters missed this one by a country mile. Was way overplayed, and, unfortunately I too, bought into those computer models and didn’t go with my Blue Ridge gut!

Here’s what forecasters in the Blacksburg weather office had to say just a few minutes ago in their morning discussion:

Near term /through tonight/…
pretty much a non-event at this point…but temperatures still below
freezing in many areas. And we do finally have a second surge of precipitation
moving into the south and west associated with weak wave moving through
the southern Apps. We will not see much quantitative precipitation forecast with this wave…especially
along and near the Blue Ridge.

We have dropped the advisory for the Blue Ridge in the far
southwest where temperatures are mild and rising. Also dropped for
Tazewell and Mercer due to warming temperatures across those counties.
Elsewhere we have kept the advisory going. We must do this if we
expect measurable freezing rain in any part of the County. So the
other parts stand until at least noon. By then we will likely be
able to drop a number if not all of other counties. Hopefully we
will not need to extend it for anyone.

Though they only predict as far north as Amherst, you can see the trend. I suspect the D.C. office will start curtailing their advisory areas as the day wears on. Temps here in the valley are right at freezing and they are around 40 degrees on the mountains. You can do the math and science. Going to be too warm for freezing rain by the time it gets here most likely.

More updates later as needed.


Sking At Wintergreen 022208
Photography By Tommy Stafford
Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
On The Lift & On The Slopes
Wintergreen Mountain, Virginia

Thursday’s High / Low at NCL-Nelson County Life Magazine in the Rockfish Valley : 40°/21° – RAIN: 0.00
Thursday’s High / Low at NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation on Devil’s Knob @ Wintergreen Mountain : 34°/5° – RAIN: 0.00
Thursday’s High / Low at NCL-Hatcreek Farm on Horseshoe Mountain @ Roseland, VA : 39°/19° – RAIN: 0.00
Thursday’s High / Low at NCL-Wintergreen Winery @ Beech Grove, VA : 38°/16° – RAIN: 0.00
Thursday’s High / Low at NCL-Tiger Fuel @ Lovingston, VA : 35°/20° – RAIN: 0.00
Thursday’s High / Low at NCL-Delfosse Winery & Vineyard @ Faber, VA : 37°/19° – RAIN: 0.00
Thursday’s High / Low at NCL-Mini Tara Vineyards @ Arrington, VA : 37°/21° – RAIN: 0.00 estimated

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Click the image above for the ski and slope conditions at Wintergreen Resort.

Andy Vertical
We continue our look and listen this week with Andy Waldeck of Arrington. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to read more about Andy and stick around at the end of today’s audio cast to hear more.

The tiniest of the wintry precipitation started in the the Rockfish Valley around 7:00 PM Thursday night, only to taper off and stop within 30 minutes. Forecasters have backed way off from their earlier predictions of a significant ice storm for Nelson and Wintergreen areas. The original Winter Storm Watch issued last night was changed to a Winter Weather Advisory, winter weather still likely, just not with the impact originally thought. The area of concerned weather was moved slightly to the north of Nelson and south along the VA-NC border. It is still possible that the mountains could see some significant icing as the temperatures there early Thursday evening were in the mid teens, while valley temps were right around freezing at most locations.

The air started very dry so it takes awhile for the precip to actually reach the ground, but wins the battle after midnight and easily lingers into Friday. The big question for Friday is how warm will the temps go? If we stay right around the freezing mark, we’ll experience a pretty lengthy run of freezing rain. As of Thursday evening numerical temperature models have us reaching an afternoon high of 34 degrees right around dark Friday. Most of the day is currently foretasted to be around 32°. We’ll just have to see how it shakes out throughout the day.

By Saturday the precip should fall as light rain that morning with the possibility we’ll even see some sunshine by afternoon with temps in the mid 40’s for afternoon highs.

As of late Thursday evening it appears this won’t be the system originally predicted, but we’ll update throughout the day Friday if it looks like major changes are happening.

You can always see the most recent up to date weather alerts by looking under the cover photo on the upper left in that alerts section.

Regional Current Surface Map via wunderground

And for those of you keeping score at home check the detailed numbers at any of our reporting NCL-Weathernet Stations for real up to the minute live weather data and detailed information including highs, lows, wind speeds, rainfall and much, much more, simply use the handy drop down menu on the upper left hand side of your screen.

Your Nelson County Life custom area forecast including: Wintergreen, Lovingston, Ennis Mountain, & Colleen

Friday: Winter Weather Advisory Mostly cloudy with freezing rain likely, around .10″ of accumulation. Freezing rain may change to plain rain late.
* Highs Valley: 31-34°
*On the mountains: 28-31° Freezing rain likely with light to moderate accumulations possible
*Winds: SE-5 MPH becoming W in the afternoon.
*OVERNIGHT: Winter Weather Advisory until 10PM – Rain & freezing rain changing to freezing drizzle late night . Lows valley: 30-33° : Mountains: 29-32° : Winds: NW-5 MPH

Saturday:Light rain or snow showers in the morning, then some sun by afternoon.
* Highs Valley: 43-45°
*On the mountains: 36-39°
*Winds: NW 5-10 MPH
*OVERNIGHT: Becoming partly cloudy. Lows valley: 25-28° : Mountains: 19-22° : Winds: N-5 MPH.

Sunday: Partly sunny and cool.
* Highs Valley: 44-47°
*On the mountains: 37-40°
*Winds: N-Light
*OVERNIGHT:Partly cloudy. Lows valley: 23-26° : Mountains: 18-21° : Winds: N-Light.

Temps warm to the lower 50’s valley by Monday and mid 40’s mountains. Rain is possible again by Tuesday, but temps remains in the 50’s in the valley.

Andy Waldeck takes us out with Crawl, a cut from his latest CD, Long on Summer.

Have a great Friday everyone!
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Andy Bike
Learn more about Andy by clicking here.

Returning to DC, Andy formed his first original music band called Egypt. The idea was simple, Heavy funk riffs ,a la Parliament Funkadelic, mixed with the youthful energy of bands at the time (Living Color, Chili peppers etc.) This band brought the songwriting skills out of Andy, and he began to love the crafting of a song as much as he loved the delivery.

After Egypt broke up, Andy switched to rhythm guitar, re-made himself as a lead singer and Earth to Andy was born. The awesome pop power of this band was easily visible, and within a short year they had signed a management contract with Coran Capshaws ,Red Light Management. New recordings were made, and found their way into the hands and ears of Warner Bros. boutique label Giant Records. A deal was signed and Earth to Andy was on the way. They spent 2 months in L.A. with producer Nick Launay making Chronicle Kings, which brought critical acclaim for its Beatles meets Soundgarden energy.

After several single releases and some solid countywide touring with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Fuel, and Tonic. Giant records folded. This was the beginning of the end for Earth to Andy. Unable to get back on their feet, find a new label and continue on productively, they disbanded in 2003. Becoming a solo acoustic artist was the last thing anyone really expected from this consummate rocker/band leader, so that’s what he did. The essence of a song is really felt when it can be played on acoustic guitar,and sung,and understood.

In 2004 Andy released “Offering”, an acoustic EP that showcased the artist in him. Songs are stripped bare of the sonic trimmings, and left naked for the listener to interpret.

Andy has always been about the songs. Early in 2006 he began recording with a new design in mind. A full length, full instrumentation CD with most of the parts being played by him. He wisely enlisted the help of drummer extraordinaire and good friend Nate Brown, who’s work with Andy’s songs has been nothing short of amazing. The process has become a rebirth for Andy. A return to the sounds and grooves that have shaped his musical image. Titled “Long on Summer” and set for fall 2006 release, this work is his finest moment yet, and is sure to bring the attention this artist so rightly deserves.



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