Wintergreen : Snowmaking begins at Wintergreen Resort!


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Photography by Christina Kline, Mountain Photographer
Nelson County Life Magazine ©2007
Snow making at Wintergreen Resort
Wintergreen Mountain, Virginia

snow 1

It’s official! Snow making began at Wintergreen Resort Friday afternoon. Temperatures dipped down to a cold 15° over night at our NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation Weathernet Site, so it’s plenty cold! You can go to our site there anytime 24 hours a day to get real live weather conditions on the mountain. Just use the handy drop down menu on the upper left hand side of your screen under More NCL Weathernet Stations! Our wonderful Mountain Photographer, Christinia Kline, grabbed these shots for us. Looks like winter is off to a great start!

“We are happy that Mother Nature has cooperated and allowed us to begin preparation for what will be a great winter season at the resort. Based on the hundreds of phone calls, advance bookings and sales of our season pass, there is obviously a significant pent up demand for winter activities such as those we offer,” says Bob Ashton, President, of Wintergreen Resort .

overlook slopes

snow making 2


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