Afton : Veterans honored at Rockfish River Elementary School


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    Photography & story by Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine ©2007
    Veteran Honored & Bronze Star reissued
    Afton, Virginia

    truslow salutes
    Above, Charlie Truslow salutes retired Colonel David Randall of the U.S. Air Force after Col Randall just reissued the bronze star to him for his brave service in the U.S. Army. Charlie’s family & relatives look on in the background.

    Nelson Veterans got a warm welcome Friday morning at Rockfish River Elementary School. Students and faculty hold the ceremony each year to honor veterans who have served our country.

    Principal Nita Hughes presented opening remarks, then The Nelson High Jazz Band played the Star Spangled Banner. By far the most moving moment in the entire program was when Retired Air Force Colonel Dave Randall, presented Charlie Truslow of Nelson County with a bronze star for his service in the U.S Army. Charlie’s house burned to the ground years ago destroying all of the medals from his service long ago in the army. He was able to replace all of the medals except for the bronze star. On Friday his wait was over as Col. Randall proudly reissued and pinned another start to Charlie’s chest. Charlie received a loud and proud round of applause from everyone there.

    Remember this weekend to honor and thank all of the veterans and servicemen who have and continue to protect us here at home.

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    pinning star
    Here, Col Randall pins the bronze star to Charlie.

    flag waving blur
    Above and below, during the patriotic medley of military service songs, students waved their flags.

    students waving

    mcnish picture hands
    Above, feature speaker, Captain Jack McNish, Retired U.S. Navy, hands a picture of a submarine to one of the students to show to the audience. McNish told about his time as a commander of the submarine during his time in the Navy.

    sub pic

    RRES Chorus
    Above, The Rockfish River Elem Chorus presents patriotic music for the veterans.

    NCHS Band
    The Nelson High Jazz Band provided a wonderful presentation of patriotic music for the crowd.

    student thank you
    Above, a student hands Charlie Truslow a thank you card he made to show his thanks for his service to our country.

    veterans stand
    Here each of the veterans stand as the song of their respective branch of service was played.

    veterans hug
    As the program adjourned, students talked to and thanked the veterans for coming to their school.



    1. What a very special day not only for the veterans who attended but Mr. Truslow who served in the Viet Nam era. It was my pleasure to present him with the Bronze Star Medal which her earned along with a Purple Heart for his service. A very special thanks goes to Stacy Johnson for planning the activity—great job Stacy—and to Nita Hughes for allowing such a ceremony to be held in the public school system. Many veterans attended and learned from the guest speaker and the presentation along with the students of Rockfish Elementy School. Thanks for honoring our Veterans last November 9th.
      Colonel David F. Randall, USAF Ret.


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