Nellysford : Lake Monacan Update


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    Photography by Henri Weems
    For Nelson County Life Magazine ©2007
    Lake Monacan @ Stoney Creek
    Nellysford, Virginia

    October 28
    Water levels have improved at Lake Monacan in Stoney Creek since the rain last week. This is a photo from October 28th taken by Henri Weems.

    October 21st
    This is a photo taken about a week earlier on October 21st. Look at how much of the pier was showing below in this picture as compared to the one above.

    We told you about the situation a few days ago here.

    Here’s what Henri wrote us:


    Wow! What a difference a week makes!

    Here a is photo from Sun 21 Oct when we were at Lake Monocan, then the same a week later Sun 28 Oct.
    At that time the lake was 1 foot from the spillway, then on Monday noon it was at 8 inches.

    Normally it would likely spill this evening, but since neither lake is full, water will be diverted upstream tonight to refill the Tuckahoe lake.


    Lake Monacan is important for a variety of reasons, but a big one is that it’s used for pulling water to the top of the mountain to make snow during ski season. Though not back to it’s previous levels, this is a drastic improvement.

    Thanks for the updated pics Henri!


    1. I heard from someone in lift operations who works extensively with the Lake in summer that since Saturday enough has filled in that it is completely up to the dock and “if we get any more water I don’t know where we’re ghoing to put it!”

      Sounds good to me!


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