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Weathercast by Tommy Stafford, Nelson County Life Magazine

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Photography by Tommy Stafford
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William Layton Honored by Historical Society
Lovingston, Virginia

Bernie & William
Above, William Layton of Tyro, is honored by Bernie McGinnis of the Nelson Historical Society for his winning of the largest pumpkin in the state. William is the cover story in the current October issue of NCL. You can read more about him here in our online edition. William gave one of the blue ribbons he won at the state fair to the historical society for preservation in the Oakland Museum.

YS - group
Above, Yvette, talks to the group about the story she prepared in NCL on William, Shelia, their kids. All of the pictures NCL took, published and unpublished, have also been donated as part of a permanent visual record.

Shelia camera
Here, a very proud wife, Shelia, videos William as he speaks to the historical society group.

Weatherwise Monday was pretty much a non event. We started off chilly. The overnight low here at NCL-Greenfield Afton was in the upper 30’s. As the day wore on, temps warmed up nicely. A high thin overcast we talked about yesterday formed, but not enough to block any sun, just kind of put a veil on things. Today and tomorrow look about the same temperature wise with afternoon highs near 80 in the valley. We’ll continue to see high thin clouds again today, even cloudy skies at times in the afternoon as an upper level disturbance nears the area. Models still show chances for rain forming by the end of the week, but they have for the past two weeks only to fall apart as it nears the Blue Ridge. This is still 3-4 days out, so I’ll continue to watch and see.

And for those of you keeping score at home, The numbers as of 11:59 PM EDT last night

*NCL-Nelson County Life Magazine : Greenfield / Afton, VA
Monday High: 76.8°
0.00″ of rain

*NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation : Devil’s Knob, VA
Monday High: 71.1°
0.00″ of rain

*NCL-Wintergreen Winery @ the foot of Wintergreen Mountain in Beech Grove, VA
Monday High: 79.5°
0.00″ of rain

*NEW*NCL-Hatcreek Farm on Horseshoe Mountain : Monday High: 76.5°
0.00″ of rain

*NCL-Delfosse Winery & Vineyard : Faber, VA
Monday High: 77.9°
0.00″ of rain

*NCL-Tiger Fuel – Lovingston, VA
Monday High: 77.4°
0.00″ of rain

*Covesville Store : Covesville, VA
Monday High: N/A°
0.00″ of rain

Today’s Forecast Map

On the National Forecast Map, high pressure again is the dominate feature today. Though a jet stream disturbance will thrown some clouds into the area from time to time today. Rain is in the forecast by week’s end if the system headed our way stays together.

Local forecast
*Today Partly sunny with thin high overcast becoming mostly cloudy on occasion by late afternoon. Pleasant.
*High temps in Lovingston, Crozet, & Faber around 77°
*On the mountains above 2000 feet along the BRP, Montebello, Wintergreen, Devil’s Knob, and Love, Partly sunny becoming mostly cloudy late.
Highs top out around 70°
Winds: SE 2-4 MPH

*Tonight Mostly cloudy and seasonal.
*Lows valley near: 51°
*On the mountains: 50°
*Winds: SW 3-5 MPH

Tomorrow Partly sunny & warm.
*Highs valley near 80°
*On the mountains – becoming mostly cloudy – near 67°
Winds: S 5-7 MPH
*Tomorrow night: Mostly cloudy – Lows near 50° valley & mountains.
Winds: S 5-10 MPH

The remainder of the week slight chances for rain Thursday through Saturday morning. Daytime highs generally low & mid 70’s valley – on the mountains look for daytime highs in the mid & upper 60’s nearing 70° – Overnight lows – generally low and mid 50’s valley & mountains.

Whenever or wherever severe weather or news breaks out, we’ll have the latest watches, warnings, and coverage affecting Nelson County, Wintergreen, and nearby counties.

Have a great Tuesday!

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