Camp Jeep 2007 begins in Nelson County, Virginia! : With Video


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    Jeep dirt trail
    Photography by Tommy & Yvette Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine – Copyright 2007
    Oak Ridge Estate
    Arrington, Virginia

    Camp Jeep 2007 kicked off Thursday at Oak Ridge Estate in Arrington. NCL was there for the beginning!

    Yvette dirt trail
    Anyone that knows Yvette, knows she doesn’t mind getting dirty. Camp Jeep is no exception! She was right out in the middle of the dirt trail getting the photos!

    Youngster signing
    Camp Jeep is about 10,000 folks packing into Oak Ridge Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Above is a future Jeep owner signing the board at Camp Jeep.

    OK. Not to be outdone, Yvette got this shot of me doing the video of Camp Jeep. I use to shoot video all of the time in my video (TV) career long before Nelson County. Thankfully, Al Stacey, bought the latest and the greatest HD video camera for his chopper and I am getting to use it to capture stuff like Camp Jeep. The gear I once carried was about 6 X this big

    You wouldn’t think about diving in Nelson County, but at Camp Jeep you can!

    snow slide
    When it’s 90 degrees you don’t think about snow either, but Camp Jeep has figured out a way to go snow tubin’ in the middle of summer!

    Yvette posed
    Yvette hates it when I post pictures of her on our site. I mean hates it!. But you know, she has so much fun at these types of events, so what the heck! She was really spending lots of time getting really neat photos that you are seeing here.

    Rock climbing
    Okay, just the thought of going up there kind of makes me uncomfortable! – Well not really….

    Harris son-1
    We aren’t sure which of Danita Harris’ son this is, but we know it’s one of them! I am getting dizzy from just looking at this! But it looks like lots of fun!

    Look for much more Camp Jeep live coverage here on the NCL website over the weekend.



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