Earl Hamner : Happy 84th Birthday Today!


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    Today is an important day for Nelson County and its native son, Earl Hamner, Jr. Today our friend Earl turns 84 years old. He was born back in 1923 in a small hospital room in what was then the Schuyler Hospital. Today it’s a beautifully renovated home that Isis Ringrose of Schuyler owns. Ironically she remains one of Earl’s best friends today though they met later in life.

    Earl in old hospital
    Above in 2005, Earl looks toward the area in the old Schuyler Hospital where he was born on this very day back in 1923. Today it’s the home of Isis Ringrose.

    Earl became an instant friend of ours after first meeting him in 2005. Since then we talk on occasion by telephone and e-mail. Today Earl lives in California near Los Angeles. We jokingly call him the California Country Boy today. Everything you’ve ever heard about him being the nice gentleman, is true. We are so fortunate to have Earl contribute his poetry and occasional stories to Nelson County Life.

    Earl, Stafford & Person
    Above, Earl poses with us along with Jim Person and his family. Jim Person wrote a huge selling biography, From Walton’s Mountain to Tomorrow, on Earl back in 2005. This was at a reception in Isis’ home in 2005.

    Earl signs book for fan
    Above, in March of this year, Earl signs a photo for one of his younger fans that only knows his hit television series, The Waltons, through reruns. Earl was back here in March 2007 for a brief visit and to see The Earl Hamner Theater built in his honor.

    Hamner in stage
    At age 84 and nearly two decades since The Waltons ended, Earl is still as popular as ever. During his March 2007 visit to The Earl Hamner Theater inside the Rockfish Valley Community Center, it was sold out and packed.

    Today has a special meaning for Yvette and me as well. We found out just after first meeting Earl that his birthday coincides with our wedding anniversary. So Earl, though you may be way out there on the West Coast now and far from that Rockfish River where you played as a child, we will raise a glass in your honor from your home here in Nelson County, Virginia.

    Happy 84th Earl from all of your friends, family and fans back here Virginia!


    1. I have a lot of Earl’s books and love how he puts down his words on paper. I have always been a
      big fan of The Waltons tv shows and have all the VHS and DVDs that have been made. We have gone to the Walton’s Reunion several times. We got Earl to sign some of his books the last time we were there . Jim- Bob ( James ) took us thru the museum, as his guest after we had stopped
      to ask directions, not knowing it was him we had stopped to ask. He was in his Jeep. We get lost every time we go. We ran across your site while looking for information on Isis Ringrose. I just finished reading what Earl had written about her in his book “Generous Women “. We take pictures of Orbs and other entities and hope to take some pictures inside the Hamner house the next time we visit. We will let you know if we have any success , if we are allowed to take pictures. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
      We live in N.C. about 5 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway
      Stephen Fox

    2. Happy Bithday Earl–Although we have never formally meet I feel as though you would not be offended by me refering to you by your first name-I have grown up feeling as much a part of your family as you probably were. As I write this to you now my husband a two children are in the livingroom watching one of the many DVD Box Series tapes that we have of the Waltons-We have always enjoyed watching the story of your life unfold before us truely appreciating what life has allowed us. Most importantly appreciating our family as you have yours. You have been a true inspiration to many people throughout the world and for that the world has become a better place-I have been to your old home in Virginia many times and have felt the warmth and love almost resinate from the windows and doorways that surround it. It is truely a beautiful place to visit-I applaud you on your special day,today-your birthday-A very devoted fan-yours truely–Virginia Stelly from DinWidde Virginia

    3. Happy Birthday to a wonderful storyteller. I guess, it goes without saying “The Walton’s” is my favorite TV show, why else would I be leaving a message. It appears at the end of each episode you reveal another part of your life. I wonder if each episode actually happened. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world. Lana Jo Seise from Kansas City, MO

    4. Earl hi you dont know me im a fan of yours the whole walton family.I know you get alot of mail.I was wonting to know if i could get a photo and you sign it would mean so much to me. I have watched waltons ever since i can remember. Thank you so very much!

      Your fan JoAnn Breakall


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