Nelson County 4th of July Pics Scroll for lots of them! w/video


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    There was so much going on this 4th of July in Nelson County, Virginia and Wintergreen! Here’s some of what you missed or what you saw if you got out there to any of the events, so here we go!

    All photos Copyright 2007
    Nelson County Life Magazine

    Lovingston, Virginia 4th of July Parade
    Photos by Tommy Stafford

    Girl on bike
    Before the parade ever started there was a bike contest with lots of kids showing their 4th of July best! – Thanks to Sarah Holman for coordinating this!

    Kid smile camera
    The best part of any parade is watching the faces of the youngsters there. This fellow had his camera ready! Mmmmm, perhaps a future NCL photographer???

    Ebony & Ivory
    These guys had some awesome older cars like Vets, Cameros, GT’s and more!

    Joy in Fire Truck
    Joy Williams to the rescue!

    Jim Saunders peaches
    Can you believe we’ve got peaches already? Jim Saunders of Saunders Brothers was handing them out! – That’s just peachy!

    Mom & son
    There might be a future fireman in this bunch too!

    Rotary Car
    Ok, is that Bob & Shirley Greer in the back of the car or is that some of their early ancestors?

    These fellows are the reason we can keep celebrating the 4th of July!

    4th of July @ Wintergreen Resort
    Photos By Paul Purpura
    Wintergreen, Virginia

    This year folks got a double treat of fireworks at Wintergreen Resort. One display last weekend and the other right on The 4th of July!

    Crowd on mountain
    Before the sun went down, the crowds poured in to watch the show above.

    Fireworks blast
    Then the show started, and a great one it was!

    Sky works
    The show lasted about 30 minutes and had plenty of displays like this.


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