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Updated for frontal passage 6.22.07 1:03 PM EDT

As the front works its way through the area this afternoon, we’ll see some clouds working through. Some showers have actually broken out along the WV-VA border. Can’t rule out a lone shower or two, but most folks will stay dry. The local sat-radar shows a large ara of clouds working down behind the front from WV and OH. High pressure is doing a good job of moving it along quickly, but we may see a period of mostly cloudy skies this afternoon before cleaing out later.

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Nelson County, Virginia

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Thursday was a perfect weather day across Central Virginia. Though the temps easily made it into the upper 80’s in some locations, the humidity was low, so if felt mighty fine! This weekend should be a great one as well for the upcoming annual Nelson County Summer Festival at Oak Ridge Estate. This year, like them all, will be fantastic and lots of fun. We’ll be there! See you there too!

While we’re on the topic of cooler temps. I got an e-mail recently from Larry on the mountain.

Larry wrote:
At 8:30 AM (Fri, 22 Jun), WG Weatherbug 61, our digital thermometer (Devils Knob
3rd tee) 61, Channel 4 reports WG at 61, but Nature Foundation 71. The WG Nat
Foundation temp record also indicates a high for the month of 90.5. No way —
it\’s seldom we even reach 85. I may head over to Nat Foundation today with a

Larry has noticed some unusual readings on the NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation Site. Larry has a good point and we have noticed the readings there a bit high too. Though it is very possible to reach temps of 90 degrees on the mountain. It’s a myth that it can’t happen. Rare, but possible. We had some record highs that day all across the area, but Larry’s right, it is a rare bird. Our temperature sensors are actually housed in a globe that looks kind of like window blinds. It is louvered to let the air circulate around the sensor, but keep the sunlight from hitting it. They are pretty accurate, but to get complete precision you have to have a device that actually blows a fan across the sensor. Our sensor is located just above the roof at TWNF so we may be getting some radiational reflected heat from the roof at certain points of the day. We’re going to move it within the next few weeks and see if we can make it more accurate. We love to hear from folks like Larry and appreciate him letting us know about the differences, many times that’s how we find out!

On the current surface map, a weak cold front is working its way through the area now. You can tell as most of the winds now around our area are northerly now, a sing the front is working through.
Current-Sat Surface Map

On the National Forecast Map, by Friday afternoon the front works through the area. High pressure will build in for the weekend bringing seasonal temps and only isolated chances for afternoon thunderstorms.
Today’s Forecast Map

*Today Mostly sunny and pleasant.
*High temps in Arrington, Gladstone, and Beech Grovel around 85 degrees.
*On the mountains above 2000 feet along the BRP, Wintergreen, Three Ridges, Devil’s Knob, and Montebello, Mostly sunny. Highs top out around 73-75 degrees. Winds NW 5-10. Some higher gusts from time to time.

*Tonight Partly cloudy & mild.
*Lows valley 55 degrees.
*On the mountains overnight low of 50.
*Winds S 5 MPH.

*In the extended weekend outlook
Saturday Mostly sunny with light NE winds at 5 MPH
*High 85 valley – near 70 on mountains.
Sunday Mostyl sunny & warmer. Highs near 90 valley around 76 mountains. Overnight lows generally in the mid 50’s to near 65 by Sunday evening. valley, & low and mid 50’s mountains. By Monday skies remain mostly sunny with highs in the lower 90’s.

Next real chances for rain come back in the forecast around Wed of next week.

Remember when severe weather or news breaks out, come here. We’ll have all of the latest watches, warnings, and coverage affecting Nelson County, Wintergreen, and nearby counties.

Have a great Friday and weekend!

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  1. Tommy,
    That is interesting about the thermometer. I thought there were an unusual number of inversions going on, but maybe only a few after all.
    Let us know what the fix turns out to be….that roof of cedar shakes should be cool, but heat flowing up along the roof surface may drift into the the housing, if too close???
    Also, are not WG Weatherbug and Channnel 4 the same sensor?

  2. I think you are right Henri on the WB and Channel 4 thing. I think that is actually where they get their data from. I have found that our sensors and gauges are pretty accurate in every other location. I have a hunch that WB is more inaccurate than we are and that the mountain is actually warmer this season. I know the elevation shown for weatherbug is incorrect by about 400 feet. I think it has always been warmer but people like that “it’s 10-15 degrees cooler above” thing. Though 3500-4000 feet is on up there, it’s not like we’re talking about being on Pike’s Peak in CO above 10,000 feet where temperatures are much, much cooler.

    We’ll have to see, but I think we’ll find the end result is that we’re not that far off actual temperatures.


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