TWNF Symposium, Covesville, Cardinal Point


    This was one busy weekend across Nelson and adjoining counties. So let’s get right to it!
    Our very busy NCL photographer Paul Purpura was all over the place getting these great shots.

    Below is one of the many nature walks held by The Wintergreen Nature Foundation this past weekend as part of their Wildflower Symposium.
    Nature Trail

    Below, Doug Coleman on the right, executive director of TWNF, takes a break on the porch with a Blue Heeler and one of the many folks that were at this weekend’s symposium.
    Doug takes a break on the porch
    Look for more pictures of this year’s symposium in the June issue of NCL!

    Far away from Devil’s Knob just over the county line along 29 North at The Covesville Store, Rick and Sarah Ovenshire put on a real spread as they held The Covesville Music Festival and community celebration to bring groups of local people together to celebrate historic Covesville past & present. Rick and Sarah’s event also put a special emphasis on The Covesville Child Development Center Scholarship Fund. These guys know how to put on a show and lots of food, this is a great event every time they have it!

    Photos: Paul Purpura
    NCL Magazine

    Covesville Music Fest-1

    Again, look for more of what happened at this May’s Covesville Music Fest in next month’s issue of NCL

    Back in Nelson folks had a great time this weekend over at Cardinal Point Winery where the The Guano Boys brought their mix of reggae, ska, calypso, and Afro-Caribbean funk to folks stopping in. Proceeds from the concert helped out Nelson County Almost Home Pet Adoption Center. Always enjoy going over to Cardinal. The Gormans can put on a great afternoon and make some awesome wine!
    Guano Boys

    Folks relaxing on the lawn

    Tasting Room
    Paul had a very busy weekend covering all of the neat stuff happening! Thanks for the good shots Paul and see more of his photos in the June issue of NCL!


    1. We love Paul (the photographer) & thanks for covering our community event so well! The photos are great & we can’t wait to read your next issue. You guys catch good people doing good/interesting things (thank God for GOOD news!). You always get the essence of what is going on & you present it so well!


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