Nelson : Cabins At Crabtree Falls To Add New Glamping Feature

Crabtree Falls Cabins been approved by the county and is finishing the final few details before they can start the build. It should be ready by spring of 2022.
Photo Courtesy of Crabtree Falls Cabins : Crabtree Falls Cabins recently announced their approval and forthcoming option for glamping in addition to cabins rentals that have been available for years.

Tyro / Montebello
Nelson County, Virginia

By Tommy Stafford

For years, Crabtree Falls Cabins has long been known for its quaint cabin rentals tucked away just off of Route 56 West in Nelson County. That’s about 5 miles from Montebello and the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. I first met Beth-Anne Norman Driskill shortly after she started taking care of the cabins a few years back. “I moved up here in 2016. However, I grew up coming to Crabtree Falls, and to this property specifically, when my grandmother, not really related but that’s what I have always called her, Barb Otto, lived here. Barb lived here from the early 70’s until 2000, when she moved away to Nags Head. My father purchased her cabin, her two rental cabins, the duplex on the adjacent property and the land above those properties.” She, her husband, and their young child now live at Crabtree Falls Cabins full-time taking care of the operation.

One of the model glamping tents that was recently setup to do a photo shoot for the upcoming launch that should be late spring of 2022.

“For years we tried to run the company remotely but it was not becoming what we knew it could be if we lived there. In 2016 I moved here and took over running the business, taking care of reservations, our guests, over seeing housekeeping and maintenance.”

Beth-Anne went on to say she’s seen numerous glamping sites that simply took her breath away. She tells us It has become quite popular out west and in South Africa and Asia.


Another view on the inside of a model tent that was recently assembled at Crabtree Falls Cabins for a photo shoot.

“I knew it would just take off if we could provide it here in Nelson County. We started a wait list and already have 378 names on our list waiting to make a reservation. Visit Virginia reposted our glamping sites and that list went viral as well! Our builder, Ben Butler with Capler Homes, began getting calls from numerous other rental properties and companies off 151 asking if he could help them build even more.”

Every tent will have electricity for lighting and charging electronics. Featured in each tent is a king bed, beautiful rustic decor, a coffee and breakfast table, a sitting area with a table and couch, a wood burning heater in the cooler months, a private porch for sitting and listening to the river and a private fire pit for campfires.

Beth-Anne also says each tent will have its own private bathroom located in the bathhouse, which will be centralized to all the tents, so guests may lock away and store personal items, and not worry about sharing facilities. Each bathroom will feature a beautiful vanity, full tile shower, changing area and commode.

Crabtree Falls Cabins has been approved by the county and is finishing the final few details before they can start the build. It should be ready by late spring of 2022.

Beth-Anne told us she excited and looking forward to opening up the new accommodations next spring!

“Once we break ground and determine the opening date, we will open for accepting reservations in advance. To be added to the wait list, people can visit our website



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