Happy Trails Kat – Welcome Lisa!

Photo BRL : BRL Publisher and Founder Yvette Stafford (left) with Kat Turner back in December of 2015 getting ready to delivery Blue Ridge Life across the area.
Photo BRL : After endless miles and miles and miles of delivering BRL through rain, sleet, snow, storms, and more our dear friend Kat Turner (center in glasses) is passing the baton. This was a recent get together we had here on the farm with Kat back in early October 2020.

Nelson County, Virginia

It’s not overly glamorous, but it’s major important and you get to see some the most beautiful views anywhere in the country. Getting Blue Ridge Life in the hands of readers like you doesn’t magically happen. The printer has to deliver here to Nelson, then it gets broken out and delivered to the many locations across the area. For Nelson County that person has been Kat Turner. For over five years Kat has traveled the roads from Montebello to Schuyler to Afton to Wintergreen and every stop in between! She’s seen some of the most beautiful sunsets and some of the meanest storms in her journeys, but she always got it done!

Photo BRL : BRL Publisher and Founder Yvette Stafford (left) with Kat Turner back in December of 2015 getting ready to deliver Blue Ridge Life across the area.

To say Kat became more than a friend would be an understatement. Kat became part of family almost immediately. Many of you may remember Kat from her days as a barista at Trager Brothers or as one of the countless people battling the now defeated Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Go Kat!! Bittersweet is how Kat describes her decision to hit the exit ramp on delivering. While she loved traveling the scenic roads across Nelson, life has changed and with the purchase of a new home in far Eastern Nelson, Kat was ready to let someone else take over and start concentrating on her new place.

Photo By Lisa Davis : Enter Lisa Davis! We couldn’t have thought of, or picked a better person to hand the baton off to as Kat departs. Lisa is a familiar face all around Nelson and the Central Virginia area. Lisa started delivering BRL on her own with the distribution of the November issue.

If there was a perfect person to take over the delivery of BRL it would be Lisa Davis. She’s been traveling all over Central Virginia in various other careers so this was a natural fit for Lisa and for BRL! You may very well see Lisa on the side of the road with her fishing pole in a local river or stream too. She’s quite good at fishing, actually very good!

Photo BRL : Tommy Stafford (me on the left ) along with Kat Turner and Lisa Davis back in early September at Blue Mountain Barrel House talking about handing over the deliveries to Lisa.

Back in April of 2005 when we started BRL it was just me and Yvette doing the deliveries. All of them, while shooting and stories and laying out the magazine. Thanks to Kat, Lisa and lots of mighty good folks over the last 15 and a half years we’ve been able to expand our reach from Peaks of Otter to Harrisonburg and over to Charlottesville where we started distribution in Albemarle and Nelson in 2005.

Kat it’s not good-bye, not at all, but we will miss you! Kat says if Lisa ever gets in a pinch, she’s there to help out. But as we’ve already seen, Lisa has a very good handle on the deliveries and just finished up November distribution.

Everyone please welcome Lisa and also wish Kat well!

Thanks to you both!


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