Happy 4th Of July 2020!

©2011-2020 Blue Ridge Life & Paul T Purpura : Wintergreen Resort won’t be holding their annual fireworks display this year in 2020 due to Covid concerns, but we thought we’d share one of our favorites from BRL Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura grabbed way back in 2011. A thunderstorm was way off in the distance when he was shooting the fireworks at the resort.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, Virginia

Fallout from Covid-19 has impacted everything in 2020 and that includes traditional 4th of July celebrations as well. Wintergreen Resort opted to not hold their annual fireworks display this year due to covid concerns. But, we thought we’d share our favorite from 9 years ago when BRL Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura got this striking one on the mountain during the fireworks display.

A thunderstorm east of Charlottesville could be seen in the distance during the fireworks display at the resort.

You can see more of Paul’s fireworks photos over the years by clicking here.

Though the resort isn’t having fireworks this year, they are doing lots of other things. Here’s a link to their activities.


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