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Simpler Times – 15 Years Ago


Dr, Steve Schmitz (L) shortly after he joined Afton Family Medicine, along side the late Dr. Bob Raynor in the old clinic on Route 151. Today it’s the Rockfish Valley Inn. This photo was taken March 2, 2005.

Nelson County, Virginia

We were archiving some of our very early photos this morning and ran across some of these from 15 years ago when we first started the magazine. Dr. Steve Schmitz (our Ask The Doc columnist to this day) had recently joined the late Dr. Bob Raynor [2] at Afton Family Medicine. Dr. Raynor originally opened the office many years earlier before Sentara MJH eventually took it over.

Neat to look back at the old photos!

We sure do miss Dr. Bob, he was a great and very kind man!