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Ice Covered Trees Bring Down Power Lines & Trees : Blocks Roads (updated 6:30 PM)

[1] Photos via Wintergreen Fire & Rescue : A WFD crew blocks Route 151 at Brents Gap in Nelson County after ice covered trees came down in high winds taking down powerlines in the process. Thursday – November 15, 2018

Nelson County, Virginia

6:30 PM – Paula Jones VDOT Lynchburg : Crews are finishing and opening the roadway now at Brents Gap on Route 151 in Nelson.”

Freezing rain in the higher elevations of Nelson County has caused trees to come down taking powerlines with them.

[2] Trees continued blocking Brents Gap Thursday afternoon in Nelson County on Route 151.

As of 2 P.M. Thursday afternoon Brents Gap was still blocked as crews worked to clear the road and fix the powerlines.

[3] Temps at Brents Gap and other higher elevations remained in the 20s and lower 30s Thursday afternoon.

Anyone traveling 151 south of Devils Backbone will need to use and alternate route until the roadway has been cleared.

Wintergreen Police also alerted residents there to be aware of falling trees in their area due to ice covering them.