Nelson : Afton : Two Vehicle Accident Snarls Traffic on Route 151 (Update 3:08 PM) ! ROADWAY OPEN !

Photo Donna Toms : Motorists help passengers involved in a two vehicle accident Saturday afternoon on Route 151 in Nelson near Mill Lane.
Photo Donna Toms : Motorists help passengers involved in a two vehicle accident Saturday afternoon on Route 151 in Nelson near Mill Lane.

Route 151 Near Mill Lane
Nelson County, Virginia


Via Motorists’ Reports – 2:39 PM some traffic able to get through on Avon Road around accident

Via Motorists’ Reports – 2:30 PM traffic still at standstill both directions at accident scene

Slow and sometimes stopped traffic conditions can be expected along Route 151 in Afton after a two vehicle car crash around 1:30 Saturday afternoon. The accident happened near the old Smalls Grocery on 151.

Photo Yvette Stafford : Drivers wait in backed up traffic Saturday afternoon on Route 151 as an accident scene is being cleared up ahead.


Crews are working to clear the scene as of this post.


  1. The owner of Blue Ridge Builders Supply Inc. almost killed my mother, and all he cared about was his truck!!!! Don’t buy from them!!! Heartless!!!!!!!!! I would give him a negative rating below zero if I could!!! – Posted by Roxanne Rodes

    On 13 October 2018, my mother, Evelyn Rodes was very severely injured by the owner of this company on highway 151 after she was leaving from Rodes United Methodist Church doing volunteer work. She was found at fault for failing to yield the right of way by police. He stood by coldly and never spoke to us or offered to help in any way.

    I saw no signs of skid marks on his part, and it appeared that he had not applied the brakes either to prevent the accident. He just talked calmly to the police while my mother was screening in pain and begging for us to get her out of the car! (I am the person with blonde hair at the bottom of the picture trying to get her out of the car), and we were trying to get her out fearing that the car was going to catch fire at any time. It was smoking, etc. I cut my finger trying to get her out. Glass was everywhere! We could not get her out no matter how hard we tried, and the jaws of life had to be used. She is 84 years old, and sustained a broken hip, broken ankle (so severe the foot was dangling off of it), broken back, broken neck, both hands broken, dissected neck, and damaged artery in the neck. She is still in UVA as of the writing of this review. She survived surgery, but the surgeon said that she had only a 50% chance of surviving. I have stayed at her side since last Saturday when the accident happened (Today is 22 Oct. 2018). She has been fighting for her life the whole time, and her blood pressure has been so high, UVA has not been able to transport her to a rehab facility, etc. Please pray for her!!!

    As far as the owner of Blue Ridge Builders Supply Inc. has been concerned, I checked my answering machine yesterday (First time home in a week to check on things, etc.), and I found a nasty message from his insurance company representative stating that he had had difficulty reading the police officer’s handwriting on the police report, and that my mother was obligated to provide this information so that he could get his truck replaced because his truck had been totaled. This was said in a very intimidating tone. It made me so angry!!! I have never felt such rage in my life from the bottom of my soul!!!! I provided the information, but I told his representative off. I told them that he had an obligation as a human being to at least pretend to have compassion. I told them that even if he had a legal right of way, that it did not give him a license to “run my mother down like a dog, and leave her to die on the side of the road,” and that he did not have a legal “license to kill with his truck!!!!” I told them that she continues to scream in pain in the hospital, and that no amount of painkiller helps (fentenyl, oxycontin, etc. no good for her!!!). I explained in gory detail how I witnessed the emergency room doctors placing her foot back on her ankle, setting her bones, and how she screamed, and screamed, and screamed in pain (and she still does so from time to time)!!! I could tell that he and his representatives could not care or less about anything but himself and that truck!!! My mother’s life and suffering mean absolutely nothing to him!!!!

  2. 11 Feb. 2019

    Update regarding the accident in October 2018. My mother DIED FROM COMPLICATIONS FROM THIS ACCIDENT ON 19 DECEMBER 2018!!!! May she rest in peace. She is free from her suffering now. She died a horrible and painful death!


    Roxanne Rodes


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