Hurricane Florence Continues Southward Drift – Better News For Central Virginia – Bears Watching

The projected path of Florence as of 8 AM Wednesday from the National Hurricane Center.

Central Virginia Blue Ridge

While the situation is still very serious for folks in the Carolinas, the news continues to improve for those of us living here in the Central Virginia Blue Ridge. The morning update from the National Hurricane Center continues to show Florence making a southward drift. That has now put our immediate area on a far northern fringe of the effects that may be felt by Florence. By no means does this sound a 100% all clear. But it does allow us to breath a little easier.

The estimated rainfall totals that might be in our area as a result of Florence.

Florence is a major hurricane covering a lot of real estate. She’s big. Very. So even if it continues to stay on this track, we will still pickup some rain and occasionally breezy conditions. But not necessarily the scenario that was looking to unfold earlier in the week.

I’ll continue updating for our area as necessary, but do think as long as Florence continues this trend we can rest a bit easier. I will caution, these storms can be highly unpredictable, especially over land once they come ashore. So with that said, we can’t just ignore it either, just yet. But I also have a much better comfort level this morning.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!


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