NEWS ALERT! : Federal Appeals Court Halts Construction Of Atlantic Coast Pipeline : Update : FERC Says Continue In Some Spots

Map courtesy of Friends Of Wintergreen : This map shows the path of the ACP in relation to The Fenton Inn. The Fenton Inn owners are the first people to have an eminent domaine suite filed against them .
Map courtesy of Friends Of Wintergreen : This map shows the path of the ACP in relation to The Fenton Inn near the entrance of Wintergreen Resort.

Nelson County, Virginia

Update: Wednesday evening May 16, 2018 via Friends of Wintergreen:

Original post – May 15, 2018 8:33 PM EDT:
Significant news moving this Tuesday evening regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. According to a post from Friends of Wintergreen and a story from the Richmond Times Dispatch, a federal court has halted construction of the ACP.

Official statement from Friends of Nelson:

Thanks to our media partners at CBS19 News in Charlottesville for this info.

“We are of course pleased with this decision from the 4th Circuit regarding the US Fish and Wildlife review of the ACP. Residents and groups fighting on behalf of impacted communities have long held that thousands of pages of documents do not necessarily end in a thorough review. Errors and omissions have been rife among agencies in charge, and political pressures have been glaringly obvious. We will wait for details of the court’s full opinion, but are most grateful for the Southern Environmental Law Center’s steadfast dedication to the communities all along the route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. It is indeed a pleasure to hear a court confirm the deficiencies in at least part of the review of this project. Given the opportunity for all of the many challenges to be heard by the courts before this pipe is laid, we are confident that this project will not be built.

Marilyn Shifflett
Friends of Nelson“

More info as we know.


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