Nelson : Wintergreen : Opponents Peacefully Gather Against Atlantic Coast Pipeline

©2018 Blue Ridge Life Magazine : All Photos By Katherine Turner : Residents opposing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline gather Saturday – March 17, 2018 at noon near the entrance of Wintergreen Resort. The peaceful demonstration was coordinated by Friends of Nelson at the site where hundreds of trees were recently cut down by workers with ACP to make way for a proposed natural gas pipeline. They placed white carnations where the trees had been taken down.

Wintergreen Resort Entrance
Beech Grove
Nelson County, Virginia

Between 50 to 75 people gathered around noon Saturday to peacefully express their opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. A few days again workers with ACP and Dominion Energy cut down hundreds of trees to begin making way for the proposed pipeline.

A very vocal opponent
of the ACP, Richard Averitt of Nellysford, speaks from a megaphone to the crowd assembled on Saturday afternoon – March 17, 2018.

According to one of the event coordinators, Sharon Ponton, “The action was co-sponsored and organized by three grassroots groups in Nelson, Protect Our Water, Free Nelson and Friends of Nelson.”

Wintergreen Property Owners Association released a statement Saturday afternoon as the assembly was taking place.

Wintergreen Property Owners Association (WPOA) has repeatedly and publicly opposed the location of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the negative impacts it has on our community. We are grateful for the local and regional support received from groups like Friends of Wintergreen and Friends of Nelson.  Raising awareness through peaceful, grass roots efforts helps protect all of us, our natural resources, and most importantly, builds strong communities during trying times.

WPOA respects citizens’ legal rights to peacefully assemble and voice opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  We are firmly committed to keeping our community safe and thriving by sharing our concerns at every level of government and holding Dominion accountable for the taking of our protected open space.  WPOA will insist upon just compensation, fair treatment, and security for our community and the areas surrounding Wintergreen.

Jay Roberts
Executive Director
Wintergreen Property Owners Association

Dozens of people place white carnations along the path where ACP workers cut down hundreds of trees on March 6, 2018 to begin making way for the ACP.

Dominion and the ACP just received a violation from the Department of Environmental Quality for cutting some trees that should not have been taken down thus far.

White carnations were placed on downed trees taken out in early March by workers for the ACP.

Above, more photos from Saturday’s event.


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