Albemarle : Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue Purchases Property Near Batesville

Hope’s Legacy Board and Staff, pictured at the Castle Rock Farm Entrance. Photo by Aaron Watson
Hope’s Legacy Board and Staff, pictured at the Castle Rock Farm Entrance. Photo by Aaron Watson

Near Batesville
Albemarle County, Virginia

After nine years of operating through foster and leased farms, Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue has purchased a permanent home near Batesville, Virginia. The 172-acre property, named Castle Rock Farm, will allow Hope’s Legacy to better serve the community’s equines in need.
Since 2008, Hope’s Legacy has rescued over 150 Virginian horses, donkeys, mules, miniature horses and ponies, from situations ranging from Animal Control seizures to owner surrenders due to extenuating circumstances. The Rescue became better known to the public when they took in a combined 48 horses from the Nottaway and Peaceable Farm seizures in 2015 and 2016. “That was a particularly challenging time for us, because of the limited space we had,” said Maya Proulx, Hope’s Legacy’s Executive Director. “The new property will allow us to respond to catastrophic situations like those much better, and to overall serve more animals.” The need for the Rescue’s services is not going away. Proulx gets an average of 5 calls per week, asking if Hope’s Legacy has room to take in an animal for various reasons.

Hope’s Legacy rescues animals like Amber, who was neglected, starved and covered in lice.

“We are very fortunate to be working with the Merrill family on the purchase of this land,” stated Proulx. To date, Hope’s Legacy has raised $325,000 as a down-payment on the property. During 2018, the Rescue will enter Phase II of their Capital Campaign. The goal is to raise $585,000, which will cover an additional payment on the land, plus building a farm from the ground up. Fencing, barns, run-in sheds, a training ring, clearing land, and a variety of other projects are needed not only to operate the Rescue, but for rehabilitating horses and donkeys. Also included in that amount is the annual operating expenses for the Rescue. It costs about $342 per day to care for the animals. There are 21 horses and donkeys currently at the Rescue, of which about half are permanent residents due to health or age issues. “We could not do this without the generous donors who invest in the mission of Hope’s Legacy,” said Ms. Proulx.

Months later, after much care at the Rescue, Amber is healthy and has learned to trust humans again.

Twenty acres of pasture will be fenced in immediately, and will accommodate the transfer of horses and donkeys from Hope’s Legacy’s current leased farm in Afton. The Castle Rock Farm purchase will enable the Rescue to accommodate about 50% more equines than currently served.

About Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc.
Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in central Virginia. Since 2008, we have taken in over 150 Virginian horses, donkeys, ponies, mules, and miniature horses subjected to abuse, abandonment and owner surrender. We rescue, rehabilitate, and whenever possible, adopt out animals to new, loving, and well-matched homes.


  1. There are not enough words to convey how much I am moved by the fact that in our world there are organizations that help not only people, but also animals. I am glad that Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue has acquired its estate and continues to grow. Good luck!


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