Nelson : Afton : Numerous Cars Broken Into At Rockfish Elementary During Event


Nelson County, Virginia

BRL received numerous messages on Tuesday night about cars being broken into at Rockfish River Elementary School during a Christmas program being held there.

“I was there with my grand children, my car was not broken into, but the one next to it was! The gentle man was telling us when we came out, my five year old grand daughter was so very upset and anxious about it all the way home! So sad children have to experience criminals so young! I hope they catch them,” Donna Evans posted in a thread on our Facebook page about the break-ins.

Release from Nelson Sheriff David Hill’s office:

On December 12, 2017, Deputies with the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office responded to Rockfish Elementary School for the report of several vehicle vandalisms and larcenies. Unknown suspects damaged several cars and stole items of value from within while the owners attended an after school program.
The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office is working to identify leads in this case. Citizens are reminded that during this holiday season, take additional time to safeguard your valuables. Place items out of view in your vehicle such as securing them in the trunk or a locked glove box. Consider making a trip to your home to drop off large numbers of gifts before leaving your vehicle unattended for an extended period of time.

If you have any information about this case you are asked to contact the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office at 434-263-7050 or via Facebook at “Nelson County Sheriff’s Office”. Help us bring this modern day “Grinch” to justice. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

“That is a absolute shame!!! Families there to see our kids sing and perform and enjoy a break from the world and enjoy Christmas music and then THIS!! Whomever did it, SHAME on you and I pray for your soul. This is sad, Get a job!” Krystal Torres added in the post.

It’s believe between 5 and 10 cars were broken into or purses stolen from ones that were unlocked.

We have a requested in to Nelson’s a sheriff David Hill and will update this story when we have more info.


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