Lovingston : 2nd Annual Bike Out Lovingston In The Books!

©2017 Blue Ridge Life : Photos By Jenn Rhubright : Aiden Waldeck (left) hangs out with buddy Hayden during the 2nd Annual Bike Out Lovingston held this past Saturday - May 20, 2017.
©2017 Blue Ridge Life : Photos By Jenn Rhubright : Aiden Waldeck of Arrington, Virginia (left) hangs out with buddy Hayden during the 2nd Annual Bike Out Lovingston held this past Saturday – May 20, 2017.

Nelson County, Virginia

After missing last year due to heavy rains, the annual Bike Out Lovingston was back on for 2017! And it was supposed to rain again, but it didn’t. The event is organized by Trinity Episcopal Church in Arrington. Blue Ridge Life is also a sponsor of the event.

“We had 47 kids participate in the scavenger hunt. Kids were sorted into four teams by a “Harry Potter sorting hat,” then raced to compete twenty-one challenges including “Tie something that isn’t thread, string, rope, or plant into a knot,” “Take a photo of a human knot composed of all your team members,” and identifying certain features in Lovingston, like the “number on the purple door” and the location of the Santa statue. All participants got a ribbon for completing the challenges and the winning team won Bike Out T-shirts. Thirty-three kids, ranging in age from 2 years old to 15, participated in the bike race.,”

Brady Nicks tells us. Brady is a lawyer in Lovingston and member of Trinity, helped found and coordinate the event.

The event kicked off in 2015 as a way for kids to show off their bike and their biking skills.

Jeremy and Jamie Hale from The Old Cold Storage Warehouse brought a slew of vintage bikes and trikes, which were a big hit, especially with the older crowd.

Three professional riders from FreeCycle Action Sports Team from Adamstown, PA performed a half-hour stunt show, including back flips off a six-foot-tall box jump set up in the middle of Front Street. At the completion of the stunt show, Brady offered each of them $100 if they could ride Bike Out’s Backwards Bike ten feet. The furthest the three of them travelled was three feet.

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The event is underwritten and staffed by Trinity Episcopal Church in Arrington, Virginia. North Branch School (face painting) and Blue Ridge Medical (dental outreach—free toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss) exhibited in the event. Estimates put total attendance at about 200.

More pics above from Trinity Episcopal.

Bike Out, Lovingston! is a free, kid-focused bike event that takes place every May in downtown Lovingston, designed to promote bike recreation and safety, help revitalize Lovingston, and encourage families to spend time together. “What is really special about Bike Out is that the people themselves are the event,” said local attorney and event organizer Brady Nicks. “There are very few mere bystanders. There is no audience. Everyone, from all walks of life, can and does participate. And bicycling brings out the kid in everybody. There are lots and lots of smiles.”

Congrats to everyone that came out and helped coordinate the event!

See you next year!


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