Bear Inside Car Last Week In Roanoke Not Only One : One Recently At Wintergreen Too!

Photo Courtesy of Kim Sillas : Kim and her husband recently purchased this truck after a bear destroyed the inside of it during mid to late April 2017

Roseland / Wintergreen

You’ve probably heard by now about the bear that got caught inside a car in Roanoke last week. We’ve since found out it actually happened here too up at Wintergreen last month in mid to late April.

Kim Sillas of Roseland said her husband bought the destroyed truck (post bear) for a project. “He got one, that’s for sure,” Kim laughed when telling us the story.

The interior of the truck was more or less destroyed before Kim and her husband bought the truck. They purchased it from the previous owner and are working on it as a restoration project.

Kim says other than the damage inside it’s a pretty good truck. But they will be spending considerable time repairing the interior!


  1. We had a bear up on Spruce Creek open the doors on both our vehicles. He pulled stuff out of my car and just took empty bags out of my husbands truck. We were lucky no damage to the vehicles, just stuff all outside of them. We now keep our cars locked.


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