News Alert : Nelson Sheriff & Commonwealth Attorney Begin Roundup On 128 Counts Of Grand Jury Indictments



Nelson County, VA

Press Release
Via Sheriff David Hill
Nelson County Sheriff’s Office

The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Nelson County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office sought and received 128 felony indictments from the Grand Jury held in Nelson County on January 24, 2017. These indictments stemmed from multiple investigations into drug distribution, weapons violations, breaking and entering, solicitation to possess child pornography and other felony charges. This was the largest number of indictments presented to the Nelson County Grand Jury in recent times. Indictments are not convictions, but establish that probable cause exist to move forth with trial.

“Victims often are fearful or reluctant to report criminal offenses, but these cases demonstrate the growing trust of our citizens and victims. These indictments also serve as a reminder that our Sheriff’s Office and Commonwealth Attorney’s Office are dedicated to the service of our citizens and visitors.” (Sheriff D.W. Hill)

“I think it speaks to the dedicated and concerted effort put forth by the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office and to the dawning of a new era in law enforcement in Nelson County. Obviously, our joint goal is to ensure not only that justice is done, but also to assure victims in this community that cases will be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. My office, along with the Sheriff, is committed to ensuring a fair and speedy trial for not only defendants, but victims of crimes as well as sending a message that crime will not be tolerated in Nelson County.” (Daniel Rutherford, Commonwealth’s Attorney)


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