Nelson: Lockn’ Attendee Goes Missing After Apparently Leaving Festival : Located & Safe : 8.31.16

Photo courtesy of Live For Live Music. Micky Kirby has gone missing after friends from NJ say he was last seen at Lockn' in Nelson County, Virginia on Sunday morning.
Photo courtesy of Live For Live Music. Micky Kirby has gone missing after friends from NJ say they last saw him at Lockn’ in Nelson County, Virginia on Sunday morning.

Nelson County, Virginia
Sparta, New Jersey

Updated: 10:00 AM EDT : 8.31.16
According to this Facebook post (immediately below this paragraph) to our page, Kirby was enroute back to NJ with his mother. We have no independent confirmation as Sparta, NJ Police have not returned any of our calls inquiring about information.

Updated: 9:05 PM EDT:
According to a Facebook post to one of our pages, Kirby was located and given a ride to Charlottesville around 5PM Tuesday afternoon. We are trying to confirm this with friends and / or family.

Original Post from 5:10 PM EDT below:
The website Live For Live Music first reported the story of Micky Kirby going missing after attending the Lockn’ Festival in Nelson County, Virginia over this past weekend.

The story started going viral on Facebook soon afterwards. BRL began trying to confirm the authenticity of the story and was able to reach out to a close friend and co-worker, Michael Tonner and another friend Brendan Peterson in Sparta NJ who attended the festival with Kirby. They last saw their friend Sunday morning at Lockn.

“There have been no official reports of said individual to us,” Nelson County, Virginia Sheriff David Hill told BRL late Tuesday afternoon. Rescue officials we spoke with in Nelson said they’d received no reports either.

BRL contacted Sparta, NJ police around 5:30 PM Tuesday for comment and are awaiting a call back from their detective division.

In interviews with Kirby’s friends, they were told either authorities or family have learned that a VDOT worker saw Kirby walking along US 29 early Tuesday morning and that his debit card was used around 7AM at Shady’s Exxon on US-29 in the Woods Mill area of Nelson County near the intersection of Route 6 River Road and US 29. It’s believed his cell phone was lost.

BRL also received comments from readers of this story just before 6PM Tuesday evening reporting they had seen Kirby walking on US 29 Tuesday morning.

BRL was able to speak to Michael Tonner by telephone just after 4PM Tuesday. That interview is below.
In a followup phone call with Michael around 6:15 PM Tuesday, he said though Kirby had been spotted early Tuesday morning as indicated above, no one has heard from him since.

If anyone has information on Micky Kirby’s whereabouts you are urged to contact local law enforcement or Michael Tonner (616) 329-4894 and Brendan Peterson (973) 459-1888 immediately.


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