Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From All Of Us At Blue Ridge LIfe



Central Virginia Blue Ridge
We may not be seeing snow this time around at Christmas, but none the less, it’s still a beautiful holiday season here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!

Yeah, 72° on Christmas Eve was pretty strange, but we’re enjoying it just the same. Tommy says colder temps are back on the way around the 1st of the year!

Thanks to all of you for following us all of these years. 11 to be exact on April 1st of next year!

We’re taking a bit of a holiday for a few days from our daily web updates (other than weather) But should anything major happen, we’ll update!

Merry Christmas, and here’s to a safe and prosperous New Year in 2016!

Tommy, Yvette, Adam & Peyton
Blue Ridge Life Magazine Publisers


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