Person Falls To Death At Crabtree Falls In South Nelson : Updated 12:15 PM – 6.8.15


Map via : Rescue crews are currently working a call of a person over the falls at Crabtree Falls in South Nelson County.
Map via : Rescue crews worked a call of a person that fell to their death in South Nelson County on Sunday afternoon 6.7.15
Crabtree Falls

Nelson County, VA

Updated 12:15 pm  –  6.8.15
Lt Billy Mays with the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department tells BRLM the person that was killed on Sunday at Crabtree Falls was 20 year old Franklin Miguel Guevara of Annandale, Virginia. “He was there with a church group and family. Like so many others he, sadly, stepped off the trail to get a better view and a picture and fell down below.” Lt. Mays said Guevara fell about 80 feet and the group was about halfway to the top of the falls. “He was alive after the fall and rescue crews were working on getting him out to a helicopter when he passed away,” Lt. Mays continued.

Updated 7:00 pm
As BRLM was the first to break and report earlier Sunday, authorities have now confirmed the person being rescued at Crabtree Falls has died. The person was being taken from the falls and was enroute to a waiting helicopter when he died. Witnesses told rescue crews the person had “stepped out on the rocks” to take a picture when falling down below.

Numerous people have been killed at Crabtree Falls in the past and it has almost become an annual happening.

Updated 6:41 pm
BRLM has learned the rescue operation underway at Crabtree is now a recovery. The person was enroute to a landing zone when the status changed.

BRLM has confirmed as of 5:40 PM Sunday afternoon that area rescue crews are currently working a call involving a person that went over the falls at Crabtree Falls.


We do know in addition to Montebello Fire & Rescue making the scene, Wintergreen’s specialized rope rescue team will be assisting.

More details as we know.



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