CVEC Warns Against Scammers



Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC) Advises Members to Beware of Scammers – Check your bill, use CVEC’s website, call to confirm.

(Arrington, VA) You’ve heard the news before. Someone calls a person at home and tells them that their electricity will be cut off if they don’t buy a credit card in order to pay their electric bill. Or, the “general manager” of the billing department phones with a similar, threatening message. Scammers just keep on trying.

CVEC offers this advice to prevent scammers from separating you from your hard earned money.

• Check your bill. CVEC provides a “10 Day Disconnect Notice” on a Cooperative member’s bill only after they have missed their payment date. That notice would be 30-days after the member was billed for a month of electricity.
• Sign up for CVEC online account access – Ebiz. Visit to sign up for Ebiz where you can view your daily usage, billing history, account status and then make an online payment when we connect you to the CVEC section of Western Union’s Speedpay service.
• You can also pay using CVEC’s section of Speedpay over the phone by calling CVEC at 800-367-2832 and selecting option 2. There is no charge for online bill payment with CVEC.
• Be aware that CVEC will make an automated courtesy call to members who will be soon be subject to disconnection. If you get a call you can call Speedpay directly by dialing 866-269-2907. You can also call CVEC at 800-367-2832 to verify that we made the automated courtesy call or to access Speedpay through our phone system.
• Most importantly remember, no one from CVEC will ever ask you to provide a credit or debit card number to an agent over the phone or in person. This is to protect your financial privacy and your hard earned money.
CVEC…Honest, Fair, and Responsible…looking out for your best interests.

Headquartered in Lovingston, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative is a member-owned electric-distribution utility serving nearly 35,000 meters in 14 counties across central Virginia. For more information, visit


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