Nelson Chief Investigator Makes Announcement To Run For Sheriff

Nelson Sheriff's Investigator Billy Mays says he is still in the race despite losing the democratic caucus Tuesday night.
Within hors of Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks announcement that he will retire at year's end, the Nelson Sheriff's lead investigator, Lt. Billy Mays announced he will be running for that office later this year.
Within hours of Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks’ announcement that he will retire at year’s end, the Nelson Sheriff’s lead investigator, Lt. Billy Mays announced he will be running for Sheriff later this year.

Nelson County, Virginia

Within hours of the retirement announcement by Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks, his chief investigator Lt. Billy Mays made it official they he will be running for Nelson County Sheriff.

“I decided to run for a variety of reasons. Early in my career I always knew I would advance, but wasn’t sure I’d ever be in a position to run for sheriff. There were always too many people ahead of me. This opportunity has presented itself and I’ve decided to go with it,” Mays told BRL Wednesday afternoon by phone.

Lt. Mays got his start in Central Virginia law enforcement back in 2000, first as a road deputy then as a criminal investigator and narcotics officer. He arrived at the Nelson County Sheriff’s office in 2010 and after a short time as a deputy advanced to the department’s chief investigator.

Lt. Mays was very involved and instrumental in the arrest and conviction of Randy Taylor in the Alexis Murphy case. A crime gaining international attention.

It’s early but I wanted people to know I will be running and I want to continue to work at making the department as respected as possible.

Lt. Mays said he will define more of his vision for the department in the coming weeks and months as the campaign swings into full motion.


  1. Mr. Mays is not a good choice for sheriff of Nelson County. I have lived here all my life and worked with the public at Sunny Mountain Store. I have never met a more rude arrogant and unpleasant officer of the law in all my life. I have always been respectful of the law. Afraid I can have no respect for this one. When a store owner has a bad check written to him by a former deputy and presented by former deputies girlfriend who happens to be daughter of a dispatcher, and said investigator calls store owner a liar and threatens to arrest him he certainly does not need to be sheriff of our county. I will actively oppose his election until the end. If you ever want to run for an elected office you need to be intelligent enough to always treat the ones who will be voting for you with respect and fairness. GOD bless our county and all it’s citizens.

  2. Billy Mays will be an amazing Sheriff!! On the side of the law! If you want your opinion altered because it’s not supporting the law …to bad! Very honorable!

  3. Everyone will have their own opinion and that is fine. They are entitled to it.
    Mr. Mays is obviously doing something right because he is always being recognized for his accomplishments and has always been promoted. No rude and disrespectful man of the law would have made it this far in his career. Someone said Nelson County will be well served with Billy Mays as the Sheriff and I as well as many others couldn’t agree more! I’m all for Billy Mays Sheriff of Nelson County!!


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