UPDATE: Just In: Nelson Grand Jury Indicts Randy Taylor in Alexis Murphy Case

Randy Taylor has been indicted in connection with the disappearance of missing teenager Alexis Murphy.
Randy Taylor has been indicted in connection with the disappearance of missing teenager Alexis Murphy.

DATE: September 24, 2013
RE: Randy Taylor indicted by Nelson County Grand Jury

CONTACT: 434-263-7010
This morning in Nelson County Circuit Court, a grand jury having determined that probable cause exists for a trial, has indicted Randy Allen Taylor on (2) felony charges , one for the abduction of Alexis Murphy in which he previously waived his preliminary hearing in August, and a new unrelated charge of possessing a stolen all-terrain vehicle.
Taylor’s next court appearance will be in the Nelson County Circuit Court on October 23, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. for a trial date to be set.
Law-enforcement officials cannot provide any further details at this time because the investigation is still-ongoing. Taylor continues to be held without bail at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Jail.


  1. A stolen ATV? This is going to sound strange, but another predator who I think was involved in the Morgan Harrington murder harassed me with a couple of other guys on ATVs once. An ATV is a good way to dump a body just off of a forest trail, too.

    They’re saying it’s unrelated? I say, are they sure?

  2. Mr. Taylor has been officially charged; the prosecution has shown a grand jury that they have enough evidence to bring him to trial. Interesting to note that Mr. Taylor been only been charged with abduction so far in the Alexis Murphy case. My guess is that the stolen ATV is unrelated, and that FBI, Virginia State Police and Nelson County law enforcement will use the months between this indictment and any trial to build the strongest possible case against him in the abduction.

    I hope they move forward with a balance of precision and an open mind. There are an awful lot of unsolved murders and disappearances in Central Virginia. Time to start solving them.

    Bill Thomas,
    Brother of Cathleen Thomas,
    Colonial Parkway Murders


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