Longtime BRML Photographer Working Hard To Save Beloved Pet

©2013 Blue Ridge Life Magazine : Many of you know Hayley Osborne from her wonderful pictures in the pages of Blue Ridge Life. She’s been shooting for us well over 5 years. Hayley is now on a mission to save the life of her dog, Pogo.

Nelson County, VA

Hayley Osborne has been bringing you some of the best photos in the pages of Blue Ridge Life and our charter publication, Nelson County Life. She’s been shooting for us for well over 5 years. Today she’s in front of the camera asking for your help to save the life of her beloved pet, Pogo.

Here’s Hayley’s story in her own words. Help if you can.

My sweet dog, Pogo (Pogey), was just diagnosed with a Cystadenoma on his left hock.  This diagnosis is typically not a life threatening situation.  Veterinarians usually recommend amputating the leg, which is a guaranteed method for eliminating the tumor forever. Even though this seems like a drastic measure it is actually a viable option for many dogs. There are many happy healthy three-legged dogs in the world——- I know this because Pogey himself is one. 
As a two year old he was found in Charlottesville, Virginia as a stray.  He had been hit by a car and left with a completely damaged right hind leg.  The local SPCA decided to give Pogey another chance at life and instead of euthanasia, which is usually the option for strays that come in with such severe injuries— they instead decided to grant Pogo a new life and paid for the surgery to amputate his leg.  Shortly after his operation a family adopted him. He adjusted well to his new life and lived happily in the country on a huge farm. Unfortunately, 4 months after his adoption the family had to suddenly move back to California – but Pogo stayed.  A few weeks later I took over the lease. On move in day I drove up to what I had expected: an empty farmhouse.  I walked up to the front door, opened it and went inside. Moments later as I was looking around, I heard the unexpected sound of the door swing open behind me. To my surprise-there he was- a sweet and charming three-legged pup. Pogo had come to welcome me to our new home.
  Pogey and I have a great life together.  I am able to take him everywhere with me.  He is gentle and sociable.  I have never thought about how much better his life would be if only he had another leg.  He has never once shown me that he doesn’t seem perfectly content with the way he is.  But now with his recent diagnosis I am worried. He has no reserve.  And sadly the tumor is aggressive enough that it will keep growing and eventually cut off circulation to his one hind leg.

Hayley’s dog Pogo is already missing one leg from an accident years ago.

The upside to all of this is that my veterinarian has spoken at length with the Veterinary Oncology Department at NC State. They feel confident that with 16 doses of radiation on Pogey’s hind leg we will be able to grant him many more comfortable and active years. Pogey’s total treatment will cost $5,500 at NC STATE. Unfortunately, it is too expensive for me. I spent my savings on the initial surgery in July with the hope of removing the tumor then. To everyone’s disappointment it was unsuccessful. I am now approaching my last semester at school and am living off of student loans. I would love to be able to send him to NC State for treatment but I cannot without financial assistance.
Pogey is loving, playful, and resilient.  He is a best friend and a loving companion.  He has seen me through two surgeries and a multitude of “ups and downs”.  I would love to be able to repay the favor to this sweet friend. With your generosity I will be able to ease his pain and increase his mobility. With radiation Pogey can regain his “normal” life and return to his spunky self-just like the pup that pushed his way through the screen door four years ago and directly into my heart.
I would be so incredibly blessed to have my dear friend with me for the years ahead. I am humbly asking for your consideration in donating to Pogey’s treatment.

We applied to the Magic Bullet Fund (MBF) for help and they have accepted our application. MBF is a fund that helps people like me, who have a dog with cancer and can’t afford treatment. The Fund is donating part of the cost and will help us to raise the rest of it.

I am humbly asking for your consideration in donating to Pogo’s treatment. If you can, please donate to MBF for Pogo. No amount is too small!

You can donate at http://www.themagicbulletfund.org/DogsNeedFunds.shtml on the Donate for a Dog page. Just look for Pogo’s story and click the donate button.

Or you can mail a check or money order to Magic Bullet Fund, PO Box 2574, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510. Please write (Pogo Osborne) on the memo line.

I would be so incredibly blessed to have my dear friend with me for the years ahead.

We thank you! We cannot do this without you! We are eternally grateful for any help you can offer.

**Donations are tax deductible. Magic Bullet Fund will send you a receipt for your accountant.

If nothing else please take a minute to look at the website to see all of the dogs that MBF has been able to help. It is truly heartwarming.


Hayley and Pogo



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