Nelson: An Evening With Gabriele Rausse ‘The Father Of Virginia Wines’ At The Mark Addy Inn

™2013 Blue Ridge Life : Photos By BRLM Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura : Guests this past Saturday evening June 29, 2013 enjoyed a wine dinner with Gabriele Rausse (in left corner at back in black coat & tie) at The Mark Addy Inn in Nellysford. Rausse is considered a pioneer in Virginia wines.

Nelson County, VA

For years The Mark Addy Inn has been serving wonderful meals to their B & B guests. On special occasions they have evening meals as well. This past Saturday night was certainly a special occasion. Gabriele Rausse started his Virginia wine experiences decades ago helping Charlottesville’s Barboursville Vineyards get started. Today he’s considered a foremost expert in wines. He started his own label back in the late 1990’s. He was on hand at The Mark Addy to have dinner with guests and highlight his wines.

A little background on him from The Mark Addy menu:

Gabriele Rausse has been dubbed “The Father of the Modern Virginia Wine Industry,” and with good reason: He’s been involved in the startup of numerous wineries, including his own, since he first came to Virginia from his native Valdagno, Italy.
Rausse’s first job in Virginia was to help start Charlottesville’s Barboursville Vineyards, and ever since then he has been known as the go-to guy for aspiring wine makers. He was involved in the establishment of Simeon Vineyards (now called Jefferson Vineyards) in 1981 and, in 1999, Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard. He was also a consultant on several other startups—including Afton Mountain Vineyard, Blenheim, First Colony, Stone Mountain and White Hall among others. He started his own label, Gabriele Rausse Winery, in 1997, and today is Monticello’s assistant director of gardens and grounds. The Virginia Agribusiness Council recently lauded Rausse for his distinguished service to the Virginia wine industry.
Gabriele Rausse wines bear an unmistakable European stamp. Clean structure, clear fruit flavors, judicious use of oak and realistic pricing catapult his wines to the top echelon in Virginia wines.
One could easily say that the wines reflect the maker, Gabriele Rausse. The charming Italian winemaker is the man to seek for vineyard consulting.
The winery is located in Charlottesville on a seven-acre vineyard. Gabriele buys most of his fruit from the vineyards that he has planted for several growers.
Rausse makes all of the products at his winery with the help of his son, Tim. The winery is open to the public by appointment only, as Gabriele works full time overseeing the garden grounds of Monticello.

Leslie Tal (center) Innkeeper and co-owner of The Mark Addy Inn, serves up some very special cuisine this past Saturday evening – June 29, 2012. It was all part of a special wine dinner with Gabriele Rausse.
Chef (and Mark Addy Inn Co-Owner) Rafael Tal prepares a five-course dinner with wine hand-selected by Gabriele Rausse, long considered the father of Virginia wine.

Here’s the entire menu for the night, yummo!

Fruit de la mer
Seafood Trio of Spiced Prawns, Buttered Garlic Scallops served with Horseradish Sauce and Crab Cake served on a bed of Mango Salsa
Paired with
Vin Gris de Pinot Noir
100% Pinot Noir, no maceration with the skin. Stainless steel fermentation. This is a white wine that will surprise you with candied floral and apple flavors. Soft and round on the mouth with a bold, crisp finish. This wine is only produced if Gabriele is able to secure ripe Pinot Noir.

Butternut Squash Bisque
Paired with
Virginia Dry Rose
Light strawberry aromas and flavors, a firm crisp texture and a lively crisp finish. Everything you expect from this delicious blend of merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon

Heart of palm and artichoke salad with Dijon vinaigrette
Paired with
When you put a cluster of Nebbiolo against the sun you will see that its color is the color of a brick. Because this is 100% Nebbiolo done in stainless steel, the brick color is right there but the flavor is delicate, it has a silky character, the tannins are very subtle and it is a lighter hearted style

Chateaux Briand served with cream brandy sauce.
Side dishes of oven roasted butter dill potatoes, zucchini cake and broiled asparagus in olive oil and lemon juice
Paired with
Virginia Pinot Noir
Supple notes of wild red berry and spice on the nose. Refreshing minerality and acidity on the finish.

Chocolate Mousse
Paired with
Cabernet Sauvignon
Attractive and inviting black cherry palette, nicely seasoned with a wisp of spice. Handcrafted without compromise from some of the finest Virginia vineyards. Most likely the only Virginia Cabernet Sauvignon aged in stainless steel

The Mark Addy has future wine dinners planned, click on the link below to get mnore info.

To get more information from The Mark Addy, click here.


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