Where In The World Is Merideth?

Merideth Young today from the porch of her home in West Virginia. She's wearing one of the many pieces she makes as part of her upcycled aluminum can jewelry.
Merideth Young formerly of Heards Mountain, Virginia is now hopping across the country appearing at trade shows like this one in Orlando in 2012. Once the owner of Black Rock Gallery at Wintergreen for a number of years, she makes her home today in West Virginia and promotes her line of Merideth Young’s Upcycled Aluminum Can Jewelry.

Near Lewisburg, WV

Back in 2010, Merideth Young of Heards Mountain in Western Albemarle County knew it was time to leave the mountains, for awhile, and head for the sandy beach. “I moved to OBX (Outer Banks, NC) for a almost a year then family health problems brought me to WV outside Lewisburg in a tiny no name town….so unimportant that is unincorporated,” Merideth laughs from the porch of her home in West Virginia. Most people back in Central Virginia and Wintergreen remember Merideth as the owner of then Black Rock Gallery inside The Mountain Inn at Wintergreen Resort. Before leaving the area she was at Devil’s Backbone Brewing and was well known as the traveling artist with her work seen all over.

An extremely talented artist, Merideth Young paints the Devils Backbone logo on an old silo back in July of 2009 in Nelson County, VA. It still sits right next to the restaurant brewpub today.

“It all started in NC at food lion while walking through the soda isle….a cool turquoise and pink in color…an iced tea can. I started selling my earrings at a small gallery I worked at in Corolla, NC. They took off. Then I moved. Some people would raise an eyebrow at living in West Virginia but I would I beg to differ. The cost of living is less, beautiful mountains like in Nelson Co. and entertainment. All jokes aside I’ve lived here before but was to young to appreciate it and ran as far away as possible…to Colorado. This time is a better time now that I’m older I’ve adopted a more simple lifestyle.”

Merideth (far right) and friends on the beach at the Outer Banks, NC after surviving Hurricane Irene in August 2011.

“The good thing about West Virginia is they have an appreciation for the arts. When I lived here in the mid 90’s they built a rest area off of 64 that was a huge giftshop featuring West Virginia artists. It was a hit! A real boost for the economy and it provided a nice income for people that might not have a chance to get their art out of their rural hollow and into the world. It’s called Tamarack. When I came back I approached them with my trash turned into treasure and they bought it. Tamarack also chose me to participate in a Rosen show. If your an artist then you know what I’m talking about. It’s a wholesale show in Philidelphia, that is top notch. One more thing crossed off my bucket list. I always wanted to do a real wholesale show but couldn’t because my focus was on Black Rock Gallery. It’s funny, when I had the shop my focus was on what sells. For me and my artists. I as an artist would create stuff that would sell rather then what came from my heart,” Merideth continues.

A sample of the unique upcycled aluminum can jewelry Merideth Young is turning out today. Her work is in galleries all across the U.S.
Merideth Young today from the porch of her home in West Virginia. She’s wearing one of the many pieces she makes as part of her upcycled aluminum can jewelry.
This is how the jewelry all begins.

“Since begining this venture in February of 2011 and 2 wholesale trade shows later I have my jewelry in 57 galleries, museums and shops from Maine to California carrying my work. I miss Nelson County, it’s peeps and Wintergreen, but I must say visually West Virginia is pretty close and my view off my porch is a ten. Life changes, better hold on cause you never know what’s gonna happen.”

Well said Merideth!

You can learn more about what Merideth’s doing these days and view more of her unique jewelry by heading on over to Merideth Young’s Upcycled Aluminum Can Jewelry page on Facebook.


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