Nelson: Latest Skiing Ever At Wintergreen Resort – Video


Above, BRLM Publisher Yvette Stafford takes a quick spin along the slopes on a snowmobile with Ski Patrol Director Tucker Crolius. She also chats with GM Hank Thiess about the latest skiing ever. Click play to watch.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, VA

2013 marks the latest ever that skiing has taken place at Wintergreen Resort. As a matter of fact, Hank Thiess, General Manager there says it’s the latest ever that ski lifts have ever run in Virginia. Period. An unprecedented series of late season snows combined with a much colder March and a new 5 million gallon storage tank made for the perfect scenario.

This coming Saturday – April 6, 2013 the resort will hold one final day of day skiing with lift tickets only 25 bucks! And they may actually get 2-4″ of new snow overnight Thursday into Friday. Incredible!

Don’t hold your breath though. Tommy says we’re looking at some 80° weather by next week with mountain temps near 70° WOW!


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